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An Everyday Figure Enticing Visual Art; A Brief Introduction to Matt Jacob’s M.O.O.D Studio

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A world-class photographer with keen eyes to turn lesser-known figures into eclectic visual art, Matt Jacob is a master of ‘environmental portraiture’. His attention to detail behind the lens authentically encapsulates the story of everyday people within intriguing photographs. After years of travelling around the world, learning to truly understand the essence of different perspectives, Matt is ready to bring all of his experience and expertise to Bali by establishing M.O.O.D Photography Studio.

Situated on Babakan Road, Canggu, M.O.O.D Studio offers a chance for everyone who would like to portray themselves in a state-of-the-art portraiture concept and experience first-hand a photography session with Matt Jacob himself. The boutique artisan studio’s compact-sized interior is intricately set up with dramatic concepts to enhance the ‘moody’ and artisan look of each photograph.

mood studio

Matt’s main vision throughout his work is to instil a beautiful, painterly aesthetic to go with the story of each photo. He believes the environmental portraiture style can really add a powerful context and thought-provoking depth to any still image.

Spring-boarding from a similar concept, especially technically, M.O.O.D Studio aims to provide a controllable space to explore more dramatic and expressive aspects of a subject’s persona. In addition, and a further aim of Matt’s studio, is to lay out a convenient setting for other photographers and creators alike, extending and intertwining the communities of photographers and creators all across the island of Bali.

mood studio

“The inspiration behind M.O.O.D Studio stems from a simple passion. It’s my passion for dramatic, moody and provocative portraiture”, Matt explains. “The studio is a product of my desire for many years to own and operate my own atelier, combined with a yearning to showcase my photography style that can be applied to human interests in an original and artisan way.” Matt also stated that his preference for photos with a human element is because he feels it adds an extra layer of depth and complexity to an image, and an ‘intrigue’ into the mind and story of a more dynamic subject.

M.O.O.D Photography Studio’s exclusive and refined approach to visual art will entice an array of people who want a handful of high quality, premium and dramatic photos of themselves (either individual or group) that will stand out from any other type of portraits they might see, as well as photographers and creators who may not have their own equipment or studio/office and want to use the space for their own creative needs.

mood studio

There are several services offered by M.O.O.D Studio, from portrait shoots with Matt himself to workshops, video editing and studio rental that includes an array of international-grade studio equipment. Clients can also opt to hire the whole building for events as well, which consists of an office, studio and roof area.

Matt Jacob’s fearlessness in capturing a moment within a subject’s ‘story’ is what makes his photography stand out. Now he brings that skill to M.O.O.D studio, turning those moments into gorgeous visual art. Be a part of this amazing journey, contact them for more info or inquiry.

Website: https://mjp.studio
FAQ’s: https://mjp.studio/faq
Matt’s personal work: https://www.mattjacobphotography.com/
Matt’s instagram: @mattyj_ay
M.O.O.D Studio Instagram: @moodstudio_bali
Studio rental: https://mjp.studio/studio-rental
Portrait sessions: https://mjp.studio/portrait-sessions