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Fact Meets Fiction in a New Book about Bali’s First Global Nomads


Longtime Bali resident Nigel Simmonds has launched a paperback about his time in Bali that explores the reasons why so many foreigners choose to escape the rat race to move to an island so often pegged as ‘paradise’.

Entitled Eating The Wind, the book weaves a narrative that’s part memoir and part fiction to get under the skin of a cast of characters for whom life in the West – known as The Machine – has become untenable.


Simmonds – who edited The Yak Magazine in Bali for a decade and a half – writes with humour and insight about what it was like to live in the 1990s as a foreigner on the Island Of The Gods.

Eating The Wind – which is a title adapted from the Indonesian saying ‘Makan angin’ – offers an insight into the wacky world of Ubud in the 1990s with themes that continue to be relevant today for anyone looking to move to the island.

Available worldwide on KDP/Amazon Publishing, Eating The Wind is beautifully written expose of one man’s search for freedom in a world increasingly marked by a plastic culture of urban slavery.

The book takes the reader on a wild ride through the sense and senselessness of a generation escaping the constraints of life in the first world.

Said Simmonds: ‘Covid has been a disaster for Bali but at least it’s given us each the time to reflect and work on projects that would otherwise remain on the shelf. Eating The Wind is very much the product of that extra space.’

Available in kindle or paperback from Amazon here https://amzn.to/33oaxzu or direct from the author at www.eatingthewind.com