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Franksland Adds Fragrances

Franksland launches the second fragrance from its Island series this month, taking the journey this time from Borneo to Lombok.

‘Lombok’ fragrance joins Franksland’s powerful line-up of scents. ” ‘Lombok’ was created for the guy with a younger spirit,” creator Franklin Firdaus told us. “I was born in Indonesia – and I like spice notes, especially chilly and pepper, so that became a starting place,” he said, adding: “As we know Lombok has the most spicy chilly in Indonesia! We also  added a heart enriched with masculine woody notes.”

Joining the ‘Borneo’ and ‘Lombok’ fragrances is ‘Flores’.

“We are so excited for this,” said Franklin. “This one is a unisex fragrance but a little more mysterious.” Top notes are Clove and Pine to make a light, fresh scent: a great daytime, exotic fragrance. “Cool, charming, light, attractive, like a spring morning walk in a wood next to the sea. Just perfect for warmer weather,” he said.