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Gary Bencheghib cleans one river at a time, turns river plastics into products and receives one of the region’s most prestigious awards – the Magsaysay Award – Greatness of Spirit Beyond Borders.


Bali hero and river guardian, Gary Bencheghib, receives one of the Region’s highest recognitions for all that he (and his siblings and team) has done to bring the disastrous plague of plastic on Bali to our attention AND more importantly he and the team DEAL with it – one ton at a time and one mangrove/river at a time!

“Today it is with such gratitude that I receive Asia’s most prestigious honor the @magsaysayaward, known as Asia’s Nobel Prize. Other laureates include the Dalai Lama, Mother Teresa and incredible unspoken heroes,” says Gary.


“A couple of weeks ago, when I was formally told of the award, I could not believe it for a second. Why me? What have I done to deserve such an honour. I am still processing all of it to be honest… But if there is one thing that I can say, this Award gives me all the strength to continue our mission to eradicate Bali and Indonesia from plastic pollution, one river a time. We have a ticking time bomb when speaking about plastic pollution, where every second one garbage truck worth of plastic enters the ocean. This is the time for us to reverse the speed at which we are destructing our planet! Thanks to @magsaysayaward, the war on plastics has just gotten much louder!”


We hope that we can all join with passion and perseverance and really make a dent into our relationship with plastic for Gary’s sake, Bali’s sake and for ours!

Contact Eco Bali Recycling to recycle your plastic, tin and paper waste AND do donate and follow @Garybencheghib on IG and help him locate all the open dump sites currently operating illegally in Bali for him to add to an island-wide database!

IG: @garybencheghib  @Sungaiwatch  @Makeachangeworld