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Gastronomic Gemology? An Exploration on the Latest Dining Creations at John Hardy Seminyak

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John Hardy, globally renowned for its sustainable luxury jewelry and meticulous craftsmanship, extends its commitment to preserving Bali’s local culture and artisanal skills into the realm of dining, and John Hardy Seminyak, their uber-elegant showroom, recently introduced a refined gastronomic experience that pays homage to the rich culinary heritage of the archipelago.

The dining offerings at John Hardy Seminyak encompass a range of experiences, from the exclusive Long Table Lunch and daily Sharing Plates meticulously crafted in The Kitchen, to the enticing Kudapan snacks and invigorating herbal elixirs at The Jamu Bar. Guests can also relax in the serene ambience of a Sunset Picnic in the terraced garden. These culinary journeys transcend mere ‘sustenance’ and offer a truly unique and ‘out of the ordinary’ experience.

john hardy

John Hardy Seminyak now beckons discerning food enthusiasts to partake in an authentic local dining affair. The newly introduced menus, complemented by expertly crafted cocktails, make it an unmissable destination for connoisseurs, especially those looking to collect out-of-the-box memories. This is a unique and untrodden culinary path into Balinese and Indonesia’s cuisine… And is to be enjoyed across its two-storey layout, ‘dappled-by-sunlight’ terrace, gallery space, and rear ‘stepped’ lawn, with traditional Balinese temple gates.

The Kitchen offers tapas and dining throughout the day, featuring an array of shared plates and meticulously crafted cocktails, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Guests can relish artisan coffee or blended tea on the terrace, while overlooking the temple, savour the signature Long Table Lunch in the gallery downstairs, or indulge in a picnic, sunset cocktails, and sharing plates in the sublime terraced garden. Each dish on the menu is thoughtfully curated to celebrate Indonesia’s culinary traditions, presented with elegance and affordability.

Sunset Picnics, hosted beneath umbrellas in the garden, invite diners to recline on traditional straw mats and pillows, savouring cocktails and dishes inspired by John Hardy’s signature jewelry collection. Signature dishes like Nasi Lawar and Nasi Goreng Tungku spotlight indigenous flavors, all prepared with utmost care.

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The Sharing Plates menu introduces lighter fare such as Tuna Tartare Magelang, showcasing locally sourced ingredients and served in artisanal ceramics.

The Jamu Bar’s cocktail menu is equally enticing, offering unique creations tailored for the Sunset Picnics. These cocktails, featuring local flavours like jackfruit and soursop, complement the existing Jamu-inspired cocktail selection. (Sunset picnics are available from Friday to Sunday, 4 – 7 pm, without the need for reservations.)

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Introducing Kudapan, a tradition where Indonesian households prepare special menus for festive occasions. At John Hardy Seminyak, this tradition comes to life with an array of savoury and sweet bites, complemented by blended tea, local coffee, or signature cocktails. Executive Chef Tomy Suputra crafts the welcoming gesture of complimentary cookies, ‘Biskuit’, as guests await the savoury dishes. (Kudapan is served daily from 2 – 5 pm, requiring a one-day advance booking.)

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The Long Table Lunch, an epitome of Indonesia’s culinary heritage preservation, offers a monthly set menu that celebrates diverse recipes from the Indonesian archipelago. Served family-style for two people up to a group of 24, this dining experience is a must for those seeking the best of Indonesian cuisine in an exquisite environment.

The Long Table Lunch Menu, featuring dishes prepared using time-honored techniques and accompanied by legendary sambals and kerupuk – Chili pepper sauces and pastes and a selection of crackers. (The Long Table lunch is available daily from 11a.m. onwards and requires a one-day advance booking.)

With new menus crafted by Executive Chef Tomy Saputra and an enhanced cocktail selection by local mixologist Yudi Permana, John Hardy invites guests to immerse themselves in Indonesia’s captivating culinary heritage. These menus are a testament to generations-old recipes elevated by indigenous ingredients, all within a setting as meticulously designed as the brand’s renowned jewelry.

Visit the John Hardy Boutique and Gallery Seminyak located on Jl. Raya Petitenget for a very “out of the ordinary” dining experience.

Operating hours are from 11 am to 7 pm daily.

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