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Gut Instincts At Live Essences

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Did you know that you have 100 trillion bacteria in your microbiome?

Up to 80% of our health begins in our digestive tract, with our gut microbiome influencing everything from our mental health to our weight and energy. Promoting the growth of healthy microflora is important, especially if we are feeling unbalanced or have been on antibiotics.

The Live Essences Wellness Shots bring innovative, all natural blends to assist with the balancing, strengthening and healing of our microbiome.

Like any living organism, gut bacteria need to be fed the right ingredients in order to flourish.

The Live Essences targeted blends give your microbiome what it needs to thrive.

The base of our wellness shots are herbal vinegars, an unbeatable combination uniting the healing properties of the fermentation with the medicinal properties of herbs, fruits and wild roots.

Through careful blending we have created probiotic shots which are naturally delicious and invigorating, and assisting with building health from inside out.


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