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Herbology In Bali At Muka Concepts

Karen Donald learns about the potency of herbology in Bali with the founder of Muka while experiencing natural spa energetics.

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Muka Concepts is a unique, Bali-based skin care range using natural, locally sourced products that have been created to nourish all skin types using intuitive herbology, which centres around learning from plants directly, and engaging with the healing processes catalysed over centuries by human-plant relationships. This is a heartfelt approach to herbalism and is as much a journey into our own consciousness as it is a meeting with Mother Nature.

Muka Concepts

Muka is a collective of dedicated people discovering unique herbal gifts from around Bali. Using the art of intuitive herbology customers can choose from a range of herbal blends and products, using their intuition and inner knowing. By tuning into the vibration of each plant, people often select the perfect combination of personality, healing power and flavour, and are guided to its magical, beneficial properties.

Hands on at Muka Concepts

Armenian-born Iris van de Coevering came to Bali 15-years-ago from the fashion industry with an acquired knowledge of massage therapies and skincare treatments: having worked in two Miami-based spas. Her interest in herbal medicine, and beauty, fuelled a desire to create something profound in Bali. After researching extensively to boost her understanding of local organic ingredients, Iris created her own herbal lab so she could continue her journey of discovery.

herbology in Bali

What makes Muka Concepts so unique is the use of locally grown herbs, spices and butters from Bali, using a traditional jamu methods to prepare skin remedies. Jamu preserves the vibrational energy of the products, allowing luxurious scrubs, butters, creams and oil preparations to generously nourish, heal and purify the skin. Cold pressed macadamia cleansers, flower cream butters, turmeric masks and seaweed serums are handmade, natural and organic. Muka treats fruits and spices as ‘literal food for the skin’. In fact they could be eaten like jams and are 100% vegan: straight from the ground.

Scrub up at Muka Concepts

The Muka Concepts shop is located in the village of Pererenan, where customers call in to enjoy beautiful facials with local nourishing ingredients. A long wooden counter displays their products – here you can sample free testers for all skin types, giving yourself a do-it-yourself facial. This is all part of the ingenious concept thought up by founder Iris – a complimentary way to try out her brand. Just add a little water to the jamu products to activate them.

herbology in bali

Customers can indulge in a 1-2 hour professional Signature Facial Treatment with Iris, who will massage every inch of your face, neck and chest using gentle pressure. The deep-cleansing massage includes layers of indulgent creams and butters for a luxurious spa experience. The ritual starts with 45-minutes of warm steam, directed onto your face to open the pores.

Muka Concepts

During the facial, a noni scrub is applied with wet hands to relax the whole facial area. Muka scrubs can be used as a daily practice: they have moisturising properties and are not abrasive. Iris employs a technique of breath work, and with surgical gloves she massages the muscles in and around the mouth and cheeks: her personal touch reminds you to breathe into a deep surrender. Reclining on a massage chair, this unique intimate connection is a wonderful ritual between feminine nature and herbal medicine.

Muka Concepts

Iris and her devoted team at Muka have been working for years developing outstanding products with natural ingredients such as anti-aging mud masks, and brightening turmeric masks: essential if you need to treat hyper pigmentation, inflammation and skin damage. The scrubs are available in chocolate, coffee and sea salt variants, while macadamia is an effective cleanser. Turmeric masks calm and heal the skin while soothing capillaries and inflammation. Mud masks purify and detoxify: excellent for oily skin.

Muka Concepts

For extra hydration and collagen production, try Muka’s Seaweed Serum, with added aloe vera for daily use. Their Honey Body Cream dissolves fat cells, and ginger essential oil increases blood circulation, promoting oxygenation of tissues. Nutmeg flower oil, infused with vitamin E in a sesame oil base enhances the face, treating blackheads and acne. Flower Butter Cream is infused with geranium oil to balance the secretion of sebum and brightens sluggish skin. It contains antiseptic properties: an effective balm for wounds and burns. The shop offers a wide range of facial products for all skin types.

Muka Concepts

Muka believes passionately in promoting ancient herbal wisdom and local natural ingredients. Their magical touch will leave you relaxed and glowing.


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