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ADAMAS® Caviar

adamas caviar

Our caviar. 100% Italian excellence. ADAMAS® is the exclusive Italian caviar which represents worldwide fish farming excellence. ADAMAS® caviar is a formidable product thanks mainly to the water where our sturgeons are born and raised: drinkable well water and water from the Tormo River Natural Park. As we enter the Indonesia Market we make sure all our customers can taste the freshness of our product direct from Italy right to your door.  We always make sure you get the newest harvest batch from Italy.

Currently we have three types of Caviar, Russian Tradition, Premium Oscietra and Imperial Beluga; all come with a gift of a mother-of-pearl spoon. Ideal for you, and ideal for gift giving!

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Unpretentious, Flavour-Locked Cups of Java – Patria & The Single Origin by Expat. Roasters

expat. roasters

“Expat. Roasters” are a specialty coffee producer, driven by the desire to produce an exceptional, unpretentious brew, from the ground up. Two of their most sought-after blends are Patria and The Single Origin – originating from West Java. Patria is the boldest blend, with a lower acidity level, enhancing a richer coffee flavour. It consists of four different Indonesian coffee beans, from regions such as Sumatra, Bali and Toraja. The prominent process being how it is washed as it gives this blend significant cocoa notes and a spicy finish. It’s a great option for Latte or Flat Whites. The Single Origin, ie the West Java bean, is processed with the washing method while being fermented in water tanks, the flavour of the fermented fruit-flesh and mucilage is toned down and it is the quality of the soil residue left on the cherry’s surface that affects the flavours which have now been infused into the bean, giving the result a higher acidity with clean and delicate flavors.

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