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Introducing THARA Kitchen & Bar – A Casual Dining Establishment Inside Chesa Canggu

thara kitchen & bar

Whether you’re seeking a casual dinner or a special culinary journey in the heart of Canggu, THARA Kitchen & Bar stands ready to satisfy your cravings with its delectable cuisine, premium ingredients, and an inviting ambiance. Located inside Chesa Canggu, THARA Kitchen & Bar is the new and vibrant eatery in the ever popular Canggu.

Nestled near the shores of Batu Bolong beach within Chesa Canggu, this sleek and contemporary restaurant effortlessly blends casual comfort with elegant allure. Drawing inspiration from both Western and global influences, THARA’s cuisine delivers an enticing fusion of flavors that is unique and full of discovery. Guided by a commitment to excellence, the restaurant takes pride in sourcing only the finest quality ingredients, resulting in a tantalizing array of premium dishes that are nothing short of mouthwatering.

At the helm of THARA’s kitchen is a chef whose culinary journey spans the globe. With a masterful command of both Western and Eastern cooking techniques, each dish is a testament to the chef’s mastery of these tastes and flavours; dining at Thara is as delicious as it is delightful and the culinary journey is beautifully complemented by an extensive selection of wines and cocktails, thankfully available throughout the day.

thara kitchen & bar

Signature dishes at THARA include the enticing Thara Shakshuka, a North African-inspired breakfast option, and homemade pasta infused with the aromatic richness of Asian herbs. Carnivores will relish the indulgence of offerings like the Double Gold & Wagyu and the Truffle Blue Cheese Wagyu Patty. Seafood enthusiasts, on the other hand, will revel in the freshness of locally sourced catches from Canggu’s own fishermen. Additionally, THARA Kitchen & Bar caters thoughtfully to diverse dietary preferences, offering vegan, vegetarian-friendly, and gluten-free menus.

Beyond dining, THARA Kitchen & Bar beckons with more. Afternoon tea becomes a sumptuous affair, accompanied by specialty coffee from Expat Roasters. As the day transitions to evening, the THARA’s attraction continues with an enticing happy hour, where guests can savour skillfully crafted cocktails and delicate bar bites.

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