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Irene Hoff’s Dreamworld


Pullman’s Artist Playground features “Dreamworld” By Irene Hoff

Pullman Bali Legian Nirwana has a global reputation for being situated in vibrant, energetic parts of town. The brand has an incredible commitment to design, art, photography and local culture and collaborates with artists and designers around the world to help bring its design vision to life. A real need has been identified to facilitate the implementation of arts within the hotel. This is why the “Artist Playground” program has been designed.

Pullman Bali Legian Nirwana has launched its 12th Pullman Exhibition showcasing the series of The Racing Extinction, The ‘Angels In My Hair’, and some of the artists’ greatest creations. The exhibition, entitled “DREAMWORLD”, is an action to step into a different world and forget about the reality. All creations are integrated into a new perspective makes you wonder what is real and what isn’t and challenge you to pull it into your own existence. The exhibition runs from 27 September until 11 December 2016. Believe and you will see.

Well-known in acrylic paintings and collages, Dutch artist Irene Hoff, has announced her unique new direction in collaborative creations. The client and the painter blend their inspirations to create a very individual and personalized piece of art. Her brilliance in guiding and translating the client’s ideas, feelings and emotions will result in an artwork that is beyond expectations. Blending collage style pop art with modern and traditional Asian and World imagery and symbolism, each bespoke piece is created in partnership with the customer’s inspiration. Whether it’s skylines, personal symbols, combinations of different countries, patterns from the client’s wallpaper, the creation of each bespoke piece is a personal process. In this exhibition, Irene Hoff is working together with View From A Cloud, a dedicated to exploring, collaborating with, and revealing some of the most talented artists worldwide, with a particular focus on local talent that based in Bali. The collective believes that by doing so, a broad group of people can be reached and stimulated to open up new ways of thinking, challenging them to step out of their ordinary lives, creating new perspectives.

During the opening event, Pullman Bali Legian Nirwana presented a combination of contemporary art, fashion, and food with all aspects with newly launched Artist Playground by Pullman concept. A well-known fashion brand based in Bali, Lily Jean was also the part of the opening event represent the fashion industry to support the image and the ambiance of the artist playground. And the one and only famous hair stylist Rob Peetom to join the team to support the night to remember.