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Kamaya Blessing

Kamaya Bali, an atmospheric clifftop wedding venue in Uluwatu, Bali, is pleased to share its host of offerings, designed with the aim of creating beautiful wedding day memories to last a lifetime. From its prime vantage point overlooking the renowned Uluwatu surf break on the southern tip of the island, Kamaya boasts a breathtaking panoramic view of the Indian Ocean that lends a truly scenic backdrop to every wedding ceremony that takes place in its signature pavilion, Kamaya Blessing. The property’s name, derived from two Sanskrit words – kama for ‘love’ and maya for ‘invisible blessing’ – is an expression of its owners’ sincerest wish for a blessed marriage for each and every couple that celebrates their union there.

With the ultimate clifftop view of the horizon, Kamaya’s signature pavilion is a two-storey structure that is unique for its symbolic 8-sided design – the number eight represents eternal life, and is a symbol of renewal and infinity. A harmonious blend of modern architectural design and local artisanal aesthetics, the walls and columns are inlaid with handcrafted terracotta tiles from the village of Pejaten, while components of a joglo (traditional wooden house) were utilized in selected areas of the property to imbue the venue with a sense of place.

The pavilion comprises a sanctuary designated for wedding ceremonies, named Kamaya Blessing, and a reception area known as The Peak – illuminated by renowned lighting designer De Lighting – that allows the flexibility of dining alfresco or in air-conditioned comfort. The non-denominational space, which embraces visitors from all walks of life, was created with the view of welcoming guests and providing them with a sense of joy, calm and well-being.

In homage to the culture of the Island of the Gods, statues representing the Balinese Gods of Nusa Penida and the Queen of the South Seas respectively float atop an infinity edge reflection pool that faces the horizon, symbolic of a beautiful union of eternal love that transcends time.

Tucked away to the side of the wedding pavilion, the outdoor Segara dining terrace makes for a quiet, intimate space to rejoice only with one’s nearest and dearest in privacy while taking in the picturesque horizon beyond. The adjacent Lotus Bale, a gazebo made of iron wood recycled from a retired barge in Benoa, sets the tone for an immensely romantic dinner for two with an astounding view of the ocean, and also functions as a beautiful spot for bridal couples and guests to pose for photographs. Artfully crafted gardens designed by Bali Landscape Company surround the property in lush greenery, adding to the sense of calm and well-being emanating throughout the property.
Kamaya Bali’s raison d’être is born of love reflecting the union of its husband and wife team – concept and design by James Krisna and the ongoing management and operation by Made Krisna – Kamaya really does symbolise love. This location is famous for the pilgrimage of the well-known 15th century monk Dang Hyang Nirartha, who travelled this land hundreds of years ago and ultimately created his masterpiece, Pura Luhur Uluwatu. This sense of place also adds to the ambience an aura of strength and peace, bringing upon all couples  an invisible blessing.

In order to build a sense of journey into the Kamaya wedding experience, each ceremony begins with the bride’s solo procession towards the pavilion along a path coined The Pilgrim’s Walkway. Lined with limestone walls to provide a nurturing space that offers peace and privacy, this route offers each bride a time and space for contemplation to reflect upon the bride’s life journey to date prior to making her appearance to stand at the altar beside her partner.

With a direct, uninterrupted view of the sunset from Kamaya, couples can look forward to basking in the glow of twilight as they transition from the bright, jubilant atmosphere of their matrimonial ceremonies into the evening’s festivities with their families and friends. Truly an idyllic setting for a beautiful union, Kamaya showers an invisible blessing upon couples as they embark on a new life journey together, with the sincerest wish for their joy and eternal love.