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La Cabana Dijiwa Villa


January 2022 saw the launching of La Cabana Dijiwa Villa, a living art studio in the heart of Seminyak, a parallel celebration along with the creation of Lucy Dream Gallery, an NFT platform initiated by Alexa Aguila Genoyer…

La Cabana Dijiwa Villa, a 4-bedroom, private pool villa is a sanctuary for those who are deeply in love with the combination of Balinese culture seamlessly blending with modern living. It is a home for those passionate about art, and it is ideally located in the heart of Seminyak.


La Cabana Dijiwa Villa is owned by artist and painter, Alexa Aguila Genoyer, who also owns the fabulous brand of hospitailty and resorts, Blue Karma Secrets and Treelogy Plantation.

Alexa has transformed La Cabana into a home for artists. Its open areas are available for use as co-working spaces, there is a painting room with her tools, a yoga space became an open-air home theatre and settles beautifully into the mezzanine. Wide, private gardens are there for guests to enjoy the balance of nature in the middle of Seminyak.


The main interiors of each bedroom are genuine gladak or tetukuklan, traditional wooden houses renovated with ethnic details, that give a warm and cozy atmosphere, with rays of sunshine slanting through each window bringing light into each space.


La Cabana is a very special place and it is here where all the magic transpired for the launch of the Lucy Dream Gallery, an initiative to support local artists through an NFT platform. Alexa Genoyer Aguila launched this NFT initiative to promote local artists globally and help fund local community projects like the Treelogy initiative (or Seeds for a Child). The recent NFT surge has provided opportunities for local artists to promote and sell their unique works digitally and globally.

Lucy Dreams Gallery is still in the early stages of development but the first NFTs are already available on the Open Sea platform: https://opensea.io/lucydreamgallery. Their stand-alone NFT platform has started development, and is scheduled to launch at the end of the year.

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