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The Yak goes one on one with Laser Me Body Studio Bali, in Berawa, to find out more about the rising trend of hairlessness… and other treatments!

Laser Me

Many moons ago I was told that laser machines in Bali were a waste of money as everyone was happy waxing… What do you think was the reason for the rise of laser treatments for hair removal in the beauty industry?
We noticed that after some time people would find that waxing became a bit of a tedious process, you would go to get waxed, would have to endure the pain and if not done professionally, you would have to deal with inflammation, rashes, ingrown hairs and other irritations after the fact. Laser hair removal started gaining popularity as the long-term solution to these problems. With the newer generation of laser machines being developed, issues such as discomfort and pain during laser procedures are no longer. You’d go back every month – just like you would if you were waxing – however after just a few sessions, the regrowth of unwanted hair would cease completely which is ultimately what a lot of people sought after.

Laser Me

Tell us a bit more about the Laser Me Beauty & Body Studio in Bali. What sets Laser Me’ apart from the competition here on the island?
Our philosophy here at Laser Me is ‘the place where self care is a way of life.’ We provide an array of aesthetic treatments, using only top quality and internationally renowned products at an affordable price point for everyone and anyone to come in and really feel their best. What really sets Laser Me apart are our Asclepion laser machines from Germany, they’re rated the no.1 laser machines in the world. We are so thrilled to be able to bring this new age of laser machines to Bali.

Who and what is behind the idea and set up of Laser Me?
Anastasia Bidileeva is the woman behind Laser Me! At 18 years of age she pursued an interest in Aesthetics and had been working with laser machines and performing laser hair removal procedures for over a decade in Moscow, Russia. Throughout this time in her career she had developed an in-depth knowledge and understanding on the laser development and evolution over the years before finally settling that the German Asclepion machines had the best and most effective results, and this is why we use these machines at our clinics to this day!

Laser Me

What technical training do your beauty therapists receive before treating a client?
Our laser masters and therapists have training from Asclepion themselves, a high standard education and qualification in medicine and cosmetology as well as long-term experience in the field of cosmetology treatments!

Is this your first Laser Me Beauty & Body Studio? Any plans to expand or franchise?
This is actually our third studio, the first two Laser Me studios opened doors in Moscow, Russia! We plan to open our second Indonesian location in Jakarta sometime in the following year and of course we plan to expand internationally as well.

Why did you choose Berawa as a base?
We felt like Berawa was the heart of Canggu, and we really believed in convenience for all. Our location is easily accessible to everyone and only a couple metres away from Finns Recreation Club.

Laser Me

Tell us a little bit about the MEDIOSTAR NEXT PRO LASER.
Asclepion’s Mediostar Next Pro Laser is the new generation of laser machines to have been developed over the recent years. It is a smart-machine that features a unique diode laser beam/frequency which provides a super intricate follicle sensory and a cooling feature that acts as a sort of ‘icing’ on the skin as the laser passes over the treatment area, which means very very little to no pain when using this laser. It’s effectiveness in locating the hair follicles with absolutely any skin or hair colour ensures a significantly less amount of procedures to achieve complete hair removal, which is unheard of in the common lasers you do find around. Truly the most comfortable and trustworthy laser on the market today that succeeds where other do not.

You offer treatments for both men and women. What percentage of your business are men?
Yes of course! We welcome both men and women with open arms and without judgement. Our clientele have been 60% female and 40% male.

The question we always ask – how many treatments will it take to be hair free?
This is the question that is also misunderstood by a lot of people! Every single body will be different, the amount of sessions required for complete hair removal will depend on the individual! The area of hair removal, the initial density of the hair growth, the client’s skin sensitivity and how the client’s own body reacts to the laser all play a part. Some areas of the body will require less sessions than others and some people in general will require less sessions than others.

Laser Me

Your business is mainly hair removal however what other treatments do you offer?
Yes, we do offer an array of other treatments in addition to our laser services. We offer an intensive and reconstructive hair treatment by Lebel, anti cellulite massages and wraps, as well as facial treatments and peels.

Lebel Hair Treatment for hair restoration – Please expand on this treatment and is it compatible with colour, henna or Keratine?
It’s an intensive hair restoration treatment developed in Japan that is compatible with any and every type of hair. What sets this treatment apart from others is the fact the product is absorbed deeper into the cells of the hair shaft to really provide the hair with stronger benefits of moisture and nourishment as well stronger hair growth and health. We like to call it ‘bringing your hair back to life.’

What discounts are you currently offering?
We are currently offering a 6 month membership at our laser clinic to provide the opportunity for that full body hair removal to those who have dreamed of doing so. In December, we will have a 25% off our Mediostar Next Pro laser treatments, a Buy 1 Get 1 Free promo for our Dilas laser treatments, our Ultrasonic Facial + Mediderma Peel for only IDR 800K as well as discounted prices on our Lebel Hair Treatment and Anti-Cellulite Massage and Wraps.

Laser Me

Do you do gift vouchers for Xmas, Valentines and birthdays?
Every month we look at providing some sort of promotion with at least one of our treatments at Laser Me to give our clientele a little bit of variety and the opportunity to test out a new treatment. We do take into account those big holidays such as Christmas and Valentine’s to plan something juicy! We also now provide Laser Me Gift Certificates that allow you to purchase a treatment or credit for a friend or a loved one!

Laser Me Beauty & Body Studio thank you for your time – please book me in before the Christmas rush!!

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