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Learn To Make Jamu Online With Apurva Kempinski


In these troubled times, you may find yourself isolated from the world. However, we believe that it is a great time for us to try doing something we have never done before, while staying in the safety of our own homes.

After our Wellness Expert introduced you to chakra and chakra meditation at home, now it’s time for our Jamu Expert to share her knowledge on the all-heal traditional elixir of Indonesia. Jamu is famed for its health benefits, so why not create and enjoy it with your family? You can find the video by following this link, or by watching it on our official Facebook page. Let’s share it to the people we care about and keep everyone healthy!

Benefits of Kunyit Asam

Kunyit asam is the second most-consumed jamu after Beras Kencur. Most of the consumers of this jamu are women.
Health benefits of this jamu are:

Neutralizes toxins: Turmeric has been known for centuries as a remedy to maintain healthy liver by neutralizing toxins, so the liver can “rest” for a while. The high antioxidants contained in turmeric can fight free radicals, thus preventing us to get early aging and degenerative diseases.

Natural diet drink: Drinking jamu kunyit asam regularly can help reduce weight, especially after giving birth. This is one of the reason why many women like to consume kunyit asam.

Regulates menstrual cycle: When a woman is stressed or experiences too much fatigue, mentrual cycle can be irregular. One of herbal remedies to regulate menstrual cycle is jamu kunyit asam. It also helps reduce dysmenorrhea (menstrual pain) and leukorrhea. Since this jamu can accelerate menstruation, this jamu is forbidden for pregnant women.

According to the ingredients, the health benefits of each ingredient are:

Turmeric: Relieves stomach pain, prevents heart attack and diabetes, fights cancer, prevents early aging, protects brain, reduces arthritis, regulates menstruation.

Tamarind: Tamarind is a good source of vitamin C. It also helps reduce weight and cholesterol, as home remedy for fever, jaundice, scorbut, rheumatism, insomnia, and promotes faster wound healing.


Besides the popular Kunyit Asam, below are other beneficial Jamu

1. Beras kencur
Beras kencur is one of the most popular jamu. It is made of extracts of white rice, ginger, wild ginger, turmeric, palm sugar, and pandan water. The taste is sweet and refreshing, due to the palm sugar as sweetener. This jamu can be consumed by children and adult.

Health benefits of this jamu are:

Increases stamina: it is very suitable for hard workers, because beras kencur has the benefits of eliminating fatigue, weakness, and eliminating muscle aches. Sometimes, this jamu is called the traditional daily dopping because this jamu is made of chosen herbs which does not have dangerous side effects.

Treatment of Gastric Problem: consuming beras kencur is also good to treat gastric problem. The vitamin B in beras kencur can promote healthy gastric walls. The difference with other gastric drug is, this jamu does not have any side effects.

Increases Appetite: another health benefit of jamu beras kencur is increasing appetite, especially in children and sick people. It is not difficult to make children drink this jamu, as they like the sweet taste.

2. Sinom
Jamu sinom is almost similar to kunyit asam, but the main ingredient is “sinom” (young tamarind leaves). Additional ingredients are usually curcuma, turmeric, cardamom, nutmeg, and palm sugar. This jamu has many health benefits, for example increasing appetite, treatment of gastritis and leucorrhea.

According to the ingredients, we can see the health benefits of each ingredient:

Young tamarind leaves: treatment of malaria and jaundice, treatment of bleeding gums, prevents menstrual cramps, reduces inflammation and immune booster due to its anti-bacterial property.

Curcuma: Maintains healthy liver, reduces arthritis, reduces blood cholesterol, treatment of gastritis and maintains healthy digestive system, promotes healthy heart and kidneys, fights cancers.

Cardamom: maintains healthy gall bladder and stomach, maintains normal blood circulation, prevents cardiovascular disorders, promotes healthy bones and prevents osteoporosis, maintains healthy kidneys. It has analgesic and aphrodisiac property, and it also can elevate mood.

Nutmeg: natural analgesic, maintains healthy digestive system, good for brain, reduces blood pressure, body detoxification, prevents bad breath and insomnia, and has been known to help in leukemia treatments.

3. Temulawak
The main ingredient of this type of jamu is curcuma (temulawak in Indonesian). Curcuma is very bitter, so to mask the bitterness, our jamu expert add other additional ingredients such as tamarind. This jamu is good both for children and adults, because it can eliminate headache, nausea, symptoms of cold, while also increases appetite and treats digestive disorders.


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