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Jehan Khaleda

The Yak caught up with Jehan Khaleda to talk progress in her life … and at the LYD Bali Group. Photo: Ryerson Anselmo. Mua: Renny Purwitasari Besseling. Location: La Favela, Bali.


Jehan, it’s been a while since we caught up, how is life treating you?

Hola, life is good, awesomely bitter-sweet and blessed! Things are great, I’m moving along sharpening my skills and entering a new path now, still struggling in some ways but I’ll learn.


What projects are you working on currently and what’s lined up for the future?

I decided to take a role in LYD Bali Group about a year ago and still being a mother for my two little rascals. I was a working-from-home-mom for two years until I accepted an offer from Alvaro and returned to the workforce! Now I lead a diverse and multifaceted team of a creative, technical and administrative people. My focus is on marketing and production, but I am continually leveraging my abilities. Still following my passion.


Are you still involved in Bali Tonight?

No, I am not, but still supporting as you know how it began and grew. Over the years, I have had opportunities to learn so many things with Cedric, the Founder of Bali Tonight. It’s our blood, sweat and tears. My only wish is to see him and the team keep going and make even greater achievements.


How difficult is working for a nightlife company and being a mother at the same time?

Well, back home at 4am then drive them to school at 7.30am, what do you think? Ha ha ha. I have to admit it that it’s not easy to balance work, family and me-time, especially as my kids have just reached school age. But when things changed for me I felt that I had to prove to myself that I had it all together and wouldn’t miss a beat. Although the reality of being able to stay up late evenings in heels, no matter if it’s a weekend or not, is all about my passion.


The LYD Group seems to have grown quickly since it first arrived here in 2010. What are the core values that make the group a whole?

I’d say the first is that word again – passion; it leads to continuous improvement in all that we do. We know our success depends upon the initiative we take individually and our ability to work in a team. Therefore, from La Plancha, La Favela, Attika, La Laguna, La Brisa, and the other brands in the same boat, we know where we are going. What we see before everything is customer satisfaction; offering high-quality product and service . . . that’s our A-list.


Tell us about LYD Organic and LYD Bakery, the newest members of the family?

LYD Organic and LYD Bakery began with a commitment to add specific value-added products to our daily supply across all brands. As our company has moved more into sustainability, it has centralised its sources for ingredients, with all of our brands for instance using home-grown vegetables and spices from our farm in Bedugul. To reinforce our quality-oriented management, we then established LYD Bakery as a central production unit in 2018 with Pastry Chef Maxime. Now, we supply our tailor-made bread and bakery products to all LYD Bali Group brands and other businesses in Bali; this includes hotels, restaurants, and other hospitality institutions.


La Favela, La Plancha, La Brisa … they have all been enormously popular right from the start. What’s the secret?

I believe it’s because each brand has its own personality, from the prime location, exterior-interior, products and service, the whole experience! I’d say each brand is one-of-a-kind, especially in Bali. La Plancha with its colourful umbrella and legendary sunset; La Favela with its original concept and vintage design, intimate yet wild in its own way with the Graffiti and stencil art-adorned walls from around the globe, I call it my playground! Then Attika, a true prohibition-style cocktail den. La Laguna, a fairyland. And La Brisa . . . unbeatable view!


What motivates you to get out of bed in the morning?

Oooh, darling, as always, deadline! Ha ha ha . . .


What do you think is missing in Bali’s nightlife scene right now?

In my opinion, Bali’s nightlife is under threat. Day parties are the new trend. It’s no longer divided into beach bar or traditional nightclub, there’s a diverse and growing number of options now. Many are good, and the competition is stiff. What I’m missing thought is an authentic experience. Everybody seems to do almost the same thing with the same ingredients but just a different place. What works is a consistency of idealism, which means no-one can ever copy you.


What’s next for the LYD Group?

We are preparing for a new brand, launching soon, can’t tell you now or it won’t be a surprise!

La Laguna?

Yes! It’s gonna be wicked, I promise!


And when can we have lunch?

Let’s have lunch in La Brisa on Sunday, it’s kinda my ritual, and I know you’ll love it!

Jehan, many thanks for your time.

My pleasure.


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