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Pod Chocolate: Local And Awesome

Pod Chocolate
Pod Chocolate began in 2010 when Toby Garritt first transformed local Balinese cacao into delicious chocolate in his adopted village of Carang Sari. 10 years later Pod has grown from one small machine to a world class factory where modern European machines meet highly trained chocolatiers to create amazing chocolate. Pod produces over 20 different varieties of chocolate including a range of vegan non-dairy milk and white chocolates together with exquisite dark chocolates and a luscious chocolate-hazelnut spread.

Pod’s original and main factories are both open to the public where you can taste all of Toby’s creations and mould your own chocolate bar to take home. Pod’s outlet in Sanur has free tasting as well as a chocolate wheel machine filled with melted chocolate-hazelnut spread to taste. Because chocolate always tastes best fresh from the machine.

Tel. +62 361 849 6229                     www.podchocolate.com                     sales@podchocolate.com