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Mandala. The Bay. Luxury, luxury everywhere and then there’s the view!


Want a cliff-side ocean view of crashing waves? Looking for a top, luxury yet affordable villa? Want to be waited on hand and foot by a fabulous team?


Yes, it can be all yours for under 100 bucks a night (excluding tax and counting on a full house – 10 pax – and paying the two nights get one free offer). Yes, it’s USD450++ per night so up to you whether you make it a group affair, or just keep it close to your nearest and dearest.


The Yak has luckily stayed here on a few occasions, and we’d go back at the drop of a hat! That pool, divine. That view, mesmerising. Wave upon wave grandiosely sails its way past the cliffs either side to break on the Sandy Bay Resort beach. Yes, this iconic Lembongan day-club is a few hundred meters away. So you can either stay cloistered in your villa wave-watching, or head down for cocktails and a chat with the locals at sunset.


Five cool, air-conditioned bedrooms, four bathrooms, with open-air communal living, ‘Mandala.The Bay’ is jaw-dropping on entry. The property runs the length of the cliff, with bedrooms separated into three areas. Open-air pavilion dining is between the main house and the pool, and the large, airy, two-floored sitting area is flanked by the open bar and guest kitchen. The wet kitchen backs onto these, and is where the cooking happens. Up front, looking out over the bay, all you’ll need to do is slice a lemon and pour a gin, but then again the Mandala Team are possibly better at it than you! So sit back, relax and breathe – life just got even more wonderful…

Current Offer: Pay 2 nights stay 3 for $450usd++ / night

Bookings: hello@mandala.house

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IG: @mandalaplaces

WA: +62 8113853733