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Mua Mua dolls, green gadgets and red booties shelve our ways. Yew!

Brush off the dollhouse we know you still have – we’re regressing back to childhood after spotting Mua Mua’s fashion and celebrity dolls, hand-knitted in Bali and featuring the mugs (and outfits) of some of our favorite style stars. Available at giftlab.com.

1. Envirofit biomass cooking system, a cleaner energy, biomass cookstove that reduces smoke and harmful gasses by up to 80%; reduces biomass fuel use by up to 60% & reduces cooking time by up to 50%. www.kopernik.info
2. Hand-made art toys by our good friend spencer, www.blamotoys.com.
3. Adspecs – self-adjustable lenses allow third world recipients to correct their own vision, www.kopernik.info.
4. Mua Mua’s fashion and celebrity dolls.
5. Books by Bueno Books, a small specialist Japanese editor by sks, www.sksbali.com.
6. YMC moon print boots in red from Eleven at Potatohead Bali, www.ptthead.com.