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Out Of The Box August 2022

WIND the Resort

Wind The Resort

Born from a simple thought and an idea to make a difference and to look different, WIND the Resort didn’t just land on the luxury ready-to-wear concept, but has also actively engaged directly with the concept of ethical and thoughtful. Being eco itself doesn’t stop just at choice of the material but extends itself to the people behind the scenes. It takes a combination of creating beauty in design, and being aware to be humble in the creation.

Born and raised in Indonesia, Mizna, the designer, is very aware that a lot of seamstresses and factory workers are paid very low wages in order to make beautiful clothes, that are then sold at a high price. The fact that the fashion industry treats them poorly was a real wake up call for her and she felt she needed to take a stand, because she believes that perfection and beauty should not cause unnecessary harm and hurt.

As simple as the name: WIND is indeed inspired by how she romanticises the wind in her thoughts; bold yet still presenting a delicate and seductive mood. Her interest in the art of self-expression, freedom and poetry has helped her a lot in her life’s journey, and this is why she combines them all in a piece of clothing that makes all women who are wearing WIND feel that she can do anything and still do it gracefully. Not only in her leisure-time but also in her daily challenges.

IG: @windtheresort
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