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Park Welcomes Baby Elephant

Nigel and Yanie are the owners of the renowned Mason Adventures and the Mason Elephant Park & Lodge in Bali, and were visiting Melbourne on April the 1st. One week before, they had been informed that 4 of their healthy herd of 31 elephants were pregnant, however no babies were expected to be due until late this year.

On the morning of Monday April 1st, Yanie told Nigel that she had just been informed by the Elephant Park Manager that Riski, one of the pregnant elephants, had just given birth. Nigel excitedly asked was the baby healthy and what was its sex, to which Yanie replied it’s a girl and very healthy. An ecstatic Nigel rushed into the other room to get his phone and proceeded to phone Bali to get his operational manager to video the new baby straight away and send it to him.

Yanie followed a few minutes later and asked him who was he phoning, then burst out laughing and said “April Fool’s!” It was a double April Fool as Nigel had already told the manager, who was also taken in by the story. “You got me good”, Nigel admitted and Yanie reveled in her success of April Fooling Nigel for the rest of the day.

The very next morning on April 2nd, Yanie rushed into the bathroom to tell Nigel that Riski had actually had a baby girl at 11.15pm the previous night. Nigel was not amused and told Yanie that April Fool jokes only work before 12 noon on April the 1st, but she insisted that a baby elephant had in fact been born at the park. Nigel dismissed it and said, “Sorry, it doesn’t work twice”. But within minutes his phone lit up with photos and messages from Bali confirming that in fact the story was true and that Riski, the park’s 10 year old elephant, born at the park under amazing circumstances, had actually given birth to a healthy baby girl!

Nigel and Yanie were both astounded, as what are the chances of this amazing coincidence happening, especially when the baby wasn’t expected till later this year. Nigel said the baby should be named ‘April Fool’, however he settled on the name ‘April’.


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