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Ever in search of the truth about millennial life, The Yak  flagged down Jillian Wong for a chinwag on what makes this brand strategist tick.

Jillian Wong

Photos: Anthony Dodds

Jil – where were you born and what was important to you growing up?

I was born in Vancouver, Canada, home of maple syrup! Growing up, my younger sister Shandy was and still is important to me in my life  I love that little nugget.

What posters did you have on your walls? Or more precisely – which wallpapers on your phone?

None. My parents were super Asian and keen to keep everything in tact in the house. You could say that they were strong minimalists.

What was your first job and how long did it last?

I got my first part time gig as a telemarketer. Worst job ever. It lasted two months before I quit.

Jillian Wong

Photo: Anthony Dodds

You moved here from Tokyo. Firstly … what were you doing there?

Yeah, I spent some time there exploring the creative culture and of course the food. My professional background is in communication design and the diverse creative community within Tokyo was a huge inspiration.

What kind of design are you in to now?

Brand strategy + identity.

Do you miss anything about Japan since moving to Bali?

It’s a pleasant contrast. Like stepping back in time with Bali. I definitely miss the food and the first class restrooms in Tokyo! But mostly the creative outlets available there.

What do you love about this island?

The never-ending summer vibe. The sense of freedom and strong culture.

So you came here on holiday and then … fell in love with the lifestyle?

I came here initially to surf, intending to stay for only a few weeks. But eventually I fell more and more in love with riding motorbikes and the sense of freedom that gave with Bali’s laid back island vibe. Time flies over here.

Jillian Wong Flores

How did you get into riding motorbikes?

Since learning how to ride bikes for the first time, I seriously don’t know how I managed to survive without one before. I was hooked instantly. Or may be I was just bored and keen to learn something new. My flatmate at the time had a dirt bike lying around and he gave me a few pointers and I just rode and practiced up and down rice field roads everyday until I wasn’t struggling and stalling on the short cut anymore ha ha.

Are you religious in any form?

No, but my family has always been Buddhist.

What is your opinion of Canggu?

Beach bum hipsterville.

Jillian Wong Beach Bum

Photo: Sasha Juliard

Instagram or Facebook?

INSTAGRAM @stellajae

Jil, will we see you out in the surf? And if so how should we greet you?

More likely to catch me cruising on the road with my bike  high fives and smiles.