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Rising Woman – an Exhibition @Parq Ubud

A unique event took place in Parq Ubud just recently, the opening of the unique art exhibition titled «Rising Woman» with some amazing live performances.

Artists, painters, musicians from all over the world came together alongside the large print photo exhibition showing the “Awakening and Flowering of a Woman and her body, her manifestation, her Real Nature and inner strength” in what has become Bali’s leading, modern art and fashion space, Parq Ubud.

Three beautiful women came together to organize this unique exhibition, organizers Alona Uzhnyeva and Katerina Reihan and, of course, front and centre is muse photographer, Natalie Karpushenko.

Rising Woman

Between them they wish to show that through art “Woman in this world is a Goddess, and her body is a temple”.

From the organisers of this event, at Parq UBUD, and the photographer they say, “Dear Goddesses, you are so precious. Live, love, enjoy”.

For more information about events and about purchasing these amazing prints, please contact +62 813 38405210.


Venue: @parqspace

FB:ParQ Ubud

Organizers: @likecenterpro