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Steven Skelly

Baker, funny guy and now Mexicola man Steven Skelly puts the dough down to answer a few questions from our Tequila correspondent.


Steven Skelly, greetings from The Yak. When did you first come to Bali?

I arrived in 2013 to open Urchin.

Name your biggest night out here…

This week or last week?

Your first hangover was from what bar do you think/remember?

Definitely Red Carpet.

When did you first get in the kitchen?

The usual. I started washing dishes, then one day the kitchen was in the shit because someone didn’t showup and Chef started throwing jobs at me…

You are a renowned dough boy … did you ever eat a bad doughnut?

Yes. The first batch we made at Farine. The guys somehow mixed up the salt and sugar.

What has you salivating right now?

Sangsakka. Fantastic and very creative.

Give us brief lowdown of your time here in Bali, the where, the what, the why…

Opened Urchin. Contract reneg’d (naughty boys) then Mexicola, now group Executive Chef and of course Farine.

Kids, wife and dogs?

Yes! Wife Fiona, two kids, Zoe (6), Saxon (4). Scooter the Labrador, who is five (human years).

Favourite memory in the kitchen?

Winning lots of awards in three amazing years with Bilson’s.

Worst memory in the kitchen?

There are lots. I still have panic attacks about one particular boss.

If you could wave a magic spatula who would you most want to be chefing with?

Enrique Olvera Pujol Cosme.

What sets you apart fromthe other talented blokes here on Bali?

I am really nice (now anyway)! And I’m really funny!

Lastly, favourite secret place to eat and what…

Sekei Tei, tiny little Japanese near Bali Buddha.

Thanks for taking time out while the bread is rising…

No worries, it proves for 24 hours!