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The best accessory for strolling Bali’s pristine, smooth beaches – once they’re open again – is skin just as flawless. Unfortunately, the most common hair removal techniques leave skin looking pack-marked and inflamed. Shaving might be the most accessible, with cheap razors available at every corner store, but it leads to razor burn, bumpy skin, in-grown hair, and prickly stubble. Laser hair removal is time-consuming and ridiculously expensive, is only relevant to certain skin and hair types, and can lead to scarring. While waxing might seem the best solution, you might walk out of the salon wincing in pain and endure redness, swelling.

We were recently clued into another option: body sugaring at HiSUGARS. Trust us, you’ll leave saying, “I tried sugaring and I’ll never get back to waxing again!”. We are completely obsessed with the service; the process is almost as beautiful as the results.

Body sugaring is the ancient art of hair removal. It uses a sugar paste clean enough to eat. The paste contains sugar, water, and lemon – only. That’s it! Seriously. Unlike other forms of hair removal, body sugaring paste contains no harmful chemicals and has never been tested on animals. The therapist heats the sugar paste, then cools it by winding the sugar around with their hands. This cooling process is magical to watch, like a professional artist blowing glass. Once the sugar is body temperature, the therapist lays it firmly on the skin and quickly removes it by hand (there are no paper strips laid on the body). By peeling the sugar off in the direction of the hair follicles, the process is nearly pain-free. It also keeps follicles intact, minimizes hair breakage, and latches onto the smallest of stubble. Body sugaring will leave your skin super soft and hairless for weeks.

As a truly modern beauty salon, HiSUGARS welcomes all genders, and ages in to their salon. The spotless location, friendly staff, and expert therapists make the appointment booking system a breeze. This is evident in their ratings: HiSUGARS is ranked the #1 hair removal salon in Bali by Google. Thankfully, they’ve opened a second location in Ubud, which means we won’t have too book our appointments months in advance… for now! We have a feeling that HiSUGARS is going to get very popular…

Book your appointment in Batubelig or Ubud by visiting www.hisugars.com, or DM on Instagram @hi_sugars.