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Terra Water

No More Plastic Water.

Terra’s award-winning 100 percent natural ceramic water filters are hand-made in Bali and changing the way we look at drinking water. Plastic water bottle companies want us to think filtering water is difficult – but if it’s so hard, then how did the earth do it all by itself since the beginning of time?

Terra filters eliminate the need for buying or boiling water by filtering your tap water, no matter where it comes from: rain, well, government piped water, even river water. They work by using three active ingredients: clay, activated carbon, and colloidal silver, and are promoted by the UN, WHO and tested regularly by the Indonesian Ministry of Health.

Filters are the same size as a gallon, 19-liters, but can be filled five times a day. For a family or business that buys only two gallons per day, that’s a cost savings of USD$1,772 over two years, the lifespan of a filter.

In 2022, Terra launched Terra for Business. The goal: to get businesses on the sustainability bandwagon by minimizing or eliminating plastic gallons and single use bottles in kitchens, dining spaces, coworking spaces, gyms and hotel rooms. The western-style customer service ensures all customers, B2B and B2C, maximize the economic benefits of their filters, while also engaging their CSR programs in environmental and social change.

Terra’s UN SDG focus is #6, clean water and sanitation for all. Partners include: Sungai Watch, Bye Bye Plastic Bags, Alila Seminyak, and many, many more.

Terra is looking to expand its market, partners, and investment opportunities. Wat’er you waiting for, get in touch!

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