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The Lost Bali Stories


The Lost Bali Stories – Volume I  is an entertaining collection of true tales direct from the lips of an eclectic mix of youthful vagabonds, rainbow gypsies, artists, giddy optimists, cosmic healers, and colorful misfits who unwittingly participated in an incredible cross-cultural movement in Bali between 1970 to 1985 before mass tourism changed the face of the island drastically. Written from hindsight, the stories are tinged with memories of a bygone era and testimonies to Bali’s transformative powers.

“This book reveals that Bali, for us foreigners, wasn’t just a different planet but an altered state of mind.”



The Lost Bali Stories – Volume II are true tales of wanderers following the winds of fate from 1985 into the ’90s. Searching for the sweet taste of pleasure, the sensual winds of every moment, a spiritual quest for the creative energy of life and living, came the vagabonds, the nymphs, the adventurers, the poets, the pirates, and the artists. They came to Bali. A magical island that reached out into the universe, touched the stars and created magic amongst the gods.

A special moment in time – Lost Bali.

“This book is a blessing for Bali.”


(High Priest of Tabanan Regency, Bali)



About the Editor

Leslie Anne Franklin was born in Newport Beach, California, and first visited Bali in 1982.

Leslie gave birth to three of her four children in Bali. One of her deliveries was at home by a Balinese midwife.

She worked in the clothing industry for many years in Bali and opened a poolside Mediterranean café in Golden Village, Seminyak. Leslie lived a year in a west Bali hotel teaching yoga every morning to forty Balinese hotel staff members.

During the thirty-three years of her time in Bali, Leslie has witnessed social, environmental developments over time. Leslie’s love for Bali includes the fervent spirituality and the renowned Balinese hospitality which has remained steadfast and unchanged.
Leslie founded the Facebook group “Lost Bali” which, at present has over thirty-thousand active members. The group shares memories and photographs that have captured a time prior to 1990 before mass tourism affected the island. The collective stories and images have served as inspiration for The Lost Bali Stories book.
Leslie currently resides in her wood cabin in the mountain town of Big Bear, California at the edge of the San Bernadino National Forest following her passion for hiking and being in nature. Leslie loves to write and read. Her other passion is cooking.

This is Leslie’s first anthology that has taken over two years to compile, proofread and edit.

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