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The Place

We are all currently realizing that physical health cannot be separated from mental health, and the latter has so much influence overall. Anxiety, depression, emotional abuse, self-esteem issues, addictions, anger management…that list is undeniably long. Understandably, we each will have had our own unique experiences throughout life, and as a result we will have taken on one or more of these traits that we could well do with addressing and releasing. Thankfully there is a healing centre for doing just that, right here in Bali.

The Place

The Place

Since 2015, The Place Retreats has been a bolt-hole, a unique residential psychotherapy centre, rehabilitation retreat, transformation temple for many a soul looking for the “overall wellness”. Set in Seminyak, The Place is an utterly private sanctuary. A Balinese-style, eight-bedroom refuge set in a spacious, tropical garden with two swimming pools. Decorated by blending European and Asian styles, the spacious communal areas unite old-world Europe with the mysticism of the East. The past meets the present, East meets West, similar to the transformation methods this healing retreat offers. Here the focus is “………… an immersive, healing centre dedicated to emotional recovery, self-discovery, good habit building for personal growth” all in an atmosphere that is restorative and nurturing. Here, “your space” is beautifully held by all and everyone that surrounds you.

The Place

The healing systems at the sanctuary include psychotherapy, led by The Place’s founder, visionary and noteworthy psychotherapist and Saturday Times features writer and author, Jean Claude Chalmet for emotional recovery and discovery. Kundalini and Yin Yoga, meditation and bodywork, Chi Gong and nutritional healing all complete each transformational experience. The aim is to heal the pain of the past, to overcome the fears, become who you want to be, live the life you want to live; to feel reborn, refreshed and re-energised.

To quote some of the testimonials, “…the high quality of the therapists and teachers makes it a rare and exceptional experience.” Couples Retreat

“ I was mind-blown by the healing massages, acupuncture and water massage which compliment the therapy and yoga beautifully.” Couples Retreat 

“ I take with me new tools and new insight into myself to achieve my next steps. Thank you with all my heart.” Individual Growth Retreat

The Place

What one can see from reading the testimonials is that this is a highly professional, yet very gentle space that enables each guest to really go within, dis-create what is getting in the way and finally work on some new “life patterns” and good habit-formation, both mentally and physically!

There is no time like the present…


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