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So Many Products and Treatments out there, Choose Wisely Says Dermaster Indonesia, the Archhipelago’s Most Popualr Aesthetics Clinic

Many beauty clinics offer special treatments tailored to your skin needs, ranging from basic facials and laser treatments to contouring. In addition, at each beauty clinic, you can also consult an expert doctor to find out more about skin health. So what are the things that need to be considered when choosing a beauty clinic?

“We all have begun to realize that it is important to maintain skin, both face and body, and maintain an optimum and attractive appearance. In order not to choose the wrong clinic, prospective patients must first profile and experience the clinic, starting with the doctor, the range of products offered by said clinic, whether they are safe and officially registered. It is also necessary to study testimonials from patients who have been treated at the clinic,” says Dr. Jessy Suryadi, Dermastar’s aesthetic doctor.

Here are several recommendations for trusted beauty clinics in Bali:



For high quality with fast results and friendly service, this clicnic is comfortable and centrally located. Dermaster already has 18 clinics spread across Indonesia, including; Jakarta (9 locations), Manado, Makassar, Jayapura, West Surabaya, East Surabaya Banjarmasin, Balikpapan, Bali Seminyak, and Bali Renon. (With Palembang  opening soon.)

Dermaster Clinic is known as the No.1 Beauty Contouring Clinic in Indonesia. Contouring treatements are only handled by experienced doctors, using products that have been registered with the relevant government bodies – BPOM and DEPKES. Prodcuts have also been approved by international liscnesing and have been awarded such as: APTOS yarn products – “Best Tightening Thread Award 2016 – 2019”, “Pearl of Dermatology” 2017 in Poland. “Creation and Manufacturing of High Tech Product” Russia 2019. “Best Clinical Case for Nose Correction” by AMEC France 2017″, Best Suspension Thread In The World award at the AMWC Monaco 2022 (APTOS).

Many other awards have been heaped onto Dermaster such as: Highest Contribution to the Medical Aesthetic field in Indonesia for APTOS Thread Lifting 2019 from PT. The Eternal Vast Sea. With several other awards eg. Editor’s Choice Award 2019, OMNI Marketing Communication of the Year from Marketeers, “Innovative Beauty Service & Digital Marketing Campaign” of the Year from Marketeers 2020, Top Digital PR Award from Info Brand 2020, Top Digital Company Award 2020 from Marketing Magazine. Then in 2021, Dermaster received two contiguous awards from Marketeers, with their Innovative Beauty Service of the Year and Digital Activation of the Year. Finally Dermaster was recently awarded “OMNI Brands of the Year” from Marketeers 2022,  and “Skincare and Beauty Clinic” of the Year from Superbrand Indonesia 2022.


derma express

Derma Express has experts in the field of medical aesthetics and are based across the archipelago and offer services from its nine branches, namely in Lombok, Bandung, Bintaro, Medan, Semarang, Depok, Gading Serpong, Tawakal, and Utan Kayu. Various treatments are avaialble at Derma Express, from skin treatments such as facials, mesoline, laser, rejuvenation, to facial contour treatments such as botox, fillers and the populat threadlifts which tighten sagging skin, rejuvenate and stimulate collagen production with a durability up to two years and without pain.



Erha Clinic is a skin care clinic that prioritizes customized solutions for its customers. It offers both in-clinic services by experienced experts and a wide range of over-the-counter products without the need for a prescription. This allows even those who have not visited the clinic or just want to try Erha’s products to receive the benefits of their skin care solutions. The success and reputation of Erha Clinic is a result of its unwavering commitment to providing top-notch skin care solutions to consumers, earning a place in their hearts.



ZAP Clinic is touted as a leader in beauty innovation with its Integrated Online System that is accessible across all its branches in Indonesia. Boasting advanced technology, skilled doctors and nurses, a comfortable environment, and friendly service, ZAP has earned the trust of over a million customers with its extensive experience in performing beauty treatments. With a focus on laser-based treatments using the latest technology, ZAP is known for offering safe and effective hair removal and beauty treatments, all of which are performed by licensed doctors. In addition to hair removal, ZAP also offers Photo Facial treatments for repairing the skin from within. As part of its commitment to providing the best beauty experience, ZAP is continuously expanding its offerings with new facial and body treatments and beauty products. The following are some of the facial treatments available at ZAP Clinic.


beauty lab

Established in late 2020, Beauty Lab Salon & Spa aims to bring fresh innovations to the beauty and skincare industry through its luxurious, stylish, energetic, and fun Russian and Ukrainian concepts. International professional stylists are on hand to provide premium services using top-notch products such as Olaplex, Alfaparf, and Loreal, ensuring the highest quality and customer satisfaction. Beauty Lab boasts a unique technique for Ukrainian-style manicures and pedicures, including Apparat, Classic, and Combain (a combination of Apparat and Classic techniques). The salon uses premium nail gel polishes, such as Luxio from Canada, and other imported products to deliver a top-notch experience.