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Ushers Beyond Design (UBD) delivers global design innovations.

You are in a special place.

A place brimming with art, music, spirituality, culture and history. A place of stunning natural beauty and warm, friendly people. A place of kindness, faith and humility.

It was these things that brought me to the island for the first time, many years ago and eventually held me so tight that I decided to remain here.

In time, I started my own commercial interior design company, UBD, with the idea to create spaces where people can truly enjoy what the Island of the Gods has to offer and to also help the island develop its tourism economy, promote sustainability, and give new employment opportunities to its people.

We create special experiences in a special place.

Today, we are an established business with multiple, successful, high-profile projects in our portfolio looking to expand internationally. We are winning local and global design awards and now go beyond just commercial design by providing residential design, product retail, global interior sourcing and design consulting services.

Our interior projects are primarily restaurant-focused, with our latest being the most uniquely sustainable venue we have ever designed. The Cave, nestled deep within the hidden caverns of The Edge resort in Uluwatu. It is truly a spectacle of Mother Nature. We are so honoured to have been a part of it.

Working in a living environment developed our skills and capabilities immensely as we designed around the venue, never altering its natural shape or compromising its natural beauty. The Cave made us prioritise sustainability even further, using locally-sourced materials and craftsmen whenever possible. Balinese lava stone makes up the base of the floor and reclaimed teak wood was used for chairs and the spiral staircase treads. We commissioned a stone replica of the famous Goa Gajah temple from a Balinese family-run stone sculpture company, with the dream of inspiring every guest to visit the temple during their time on the island.

Other projects on Bali include the sister restaurants Bonito and Mauri, both inspired by the coastal town Puglia, where natural light and warm tones were requested to create inviting spaces.

But it isnโ€™t just restaurants. When designing Lighthouse Studios, an innovative recording hub for creatives, it was essential to create a motivating atmosphere that would enhance the productivity for its clients. From functioning yet comfortable podcast and content recording studios, an alfresco breakout space with views of the rice paddies to a co-working cafe showcasing a collection of local and international artists from Nyaman Gallery.

What started as a one-woman show has now grown in size. Recently I invited my two head designers to become my business partners, driving our growth into UBD Global. I continue to lead as the Creative Director, focusing on the main concepts and working closely with clients before delegating to my skilled team. Agung Laksana is Head of 3D and Projects Leader, skilfully working on sketching detailed drawings of each venue and the pieces of furniture. I depend on Fariz Senjaya for his extreme architectural skills. He leads all Technical Drafting to ensure that all our designs will be fully functioning and to-scale.

The UBD philosophy is quite simply to understand our clients’ requirements to deliver unique designs of consistent quality. Together, we value that every client is different and that it is our job to adapt to changing business requirements and design for our client’s success.

From everyone at UBD, our Clients and our Suppliers, we wish you a happy and successful visit.

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