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Urban Biologist Bali

The Yak’s curiosity was piqued when it saw a name pop up on FB…
Urban Biologist Bali and, after a few WA, we met Buya!

Urban biologis

So Buya – where/what are your roots?
I am originally from Bali but I am a mixed blood as my mother is from Jakarta. Regarding educational background, I graduated with a Biology Degree

How did you me up with such a fab company name?
The name of Urban Biologist, in my perspective, really describes myself as a newborn biologist who wants to be focus on conserving the environment and our biodiversity in an urban setting.

What does Urban Biologist do?
We do several projects related to waste management, pest management, biodiversity and carbon offset projects. However, the project in waste management, namely Urban Compost Bali, is the busiest and most productive one. The other projects like pest management, has a focus on eliminating mosquitos but with a natural approach (no chemical nor spraying methods are involved). The other projects related to biodiversity and carbon offset are still on the drawing board.

Urban biologis

Who or what inspired you to start this venture?
The love of the environment and the beauty and people of Bali, together inspired me to create this movement. Specifically once my son was born I knew that I must to do something for his future, which is ensure that he will still be able to see a clean and bio-diverse environment.

I gather Urban Biologist Bali has members?
For the specific project of Urban Compost Bali? Yes, there are members or we could call them compost subscribers.

Why would we join? And what would we need to do as a member?
You should join Urban Compost because you can compost your organic waste (food scrap and garden trimmings) using our “take away your compost” services. It’s easy just sign up on our website. You will possibly need to understand how much organic waste you produce per week, then you sign up via the website by filling your details on the signup form

Urban biologis

Is membership expensive?
This is really subjective. I would say if you are a responsible person and wish to commit to minimizing your impact and maximizing your waste, this price plan is really affordable. We create each pricing plan based on the volume of organic waste you create per week. Of course, the less you produce, the less you pay.

Is membership exclusive?
Everyone can be a member. Personal, Household, Community, School or Company/Offices can sign up to become an Urban Compost Member.

How many members do you currently have?
As per July 2021 there are 260 active members. However, since June 2019, more than 400 accounts signed up. Sadly many of them expats, and many of the accounts were cancelled due to that fact that they had to leave Bali because of the pandemic situation of 2020.

Urban Biologis

I think a membership would make a great Christmas or birthday present what do you think?
Sure, becoming a member of Urban Compost would be pleasure for everyone.

Are you looking for like-minded souls to open an Urban Biologist in other areas?
Definitely yes, as of now we have already have opened the project for the Sanur and Bukit areas. Denpasar and Ubud will be next. Our campaign is to encourage people to make compost from their organic waste. We are also seeking for organic local farmers who would like to partner up with us in the future.

Urban biologis

If so, how would they connect?
In this semi-lockdown situation, we communicate more via social media. When the situation gets better, we will host some events which will gather people to come and connect with us all.

Tell us about your average Urban Biologist Day?
Previously, I spent 50:50 of my average days at the farm and at the desk. Now, as I have some assistants, I am more focused on growing the business and connecting with our members and community.

Urban biologis

What hopes do you have for the future?
In terms of our Urban Compost Project? I want to expand the services to other areas of Bali and get more people to join this cause – keeping the organic waste out of the overflowing landfills. In terms of our other projects? I would love to make them all happen soon.

What will it take for us to get there?
Just go to Urban Biologist website and sign up!

Thanks for your time, Buya – we’re definitely signing up to become members!
Thank you so much and I’ll be looking forward to you joining us soon! Please recommend us to your friends 🙂



Urban Biologist Bali