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W Bali – Seminyak Make A Change With Sungai Watch

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Never boring and never enough, W Bali – Seminyak once again went up and beyond to support the local community of Bali through their recent partnership with Sungai Watch. With a percentage of the proceeds from the hotel’s recent happenings in June, Go Local, the hotel was able to support Sungai Watch, a community river clean-up organization whose mission is to protect Bali’s waterways. On July 26th 2021, the support was brought to life with the creation and installation of a mini floater in a small local waterway in Pemogan village, Denpasar, a river that is heading directly towards the mangrove area in east Bali.

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Developing and testing trash barriers to prevent plastic pollution entering the ocean, together with their partnership with the Indonesian government, communities and companies, since August 2020 Sungai Watch have collected 650,000kg of trash. The barriers varies from a mini-floater, floater up to the walker which they have installed in 5 of Bali’s most polluted river including Sungai Yeh Sungi made up from 18 elements of the Walker, made it their biggest barrier installed, leading up to their goals to have 100 barriers in Bali this year!

Trash on each barrier will be collected on a daily basis, to then be separated based on their form. A very unique way of dealing with trash, Sungai Watch has managed to convert some of the trash collected into keychains, coaster place mats, and up to bigger items such as concrete blocks and other building materials.

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It is sad to see the beautiful rivers in Bali getting destroyed by the small but many little pieces of trash floating from one upstream to the sea. Apart from the support we have managed to provide with the barrier installation, and as one of the most pressing environmental problems we are facing here today, we are also hoping that together with Sungai Watch we can convey the message and educate people to keep their rivers clean, not only from an esthetical aspect but also from a health and safety point of view.” Said Titus Rosier, General Manager of W Bali – Seminyak.

For more information and to cast your support, find Sungai Watch on their Instagram @sungaiwatch or through their website https://makeachange.world/sungaiwatch