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What Does The Universe Have In Store For You?

Your stars until the end of this year (and what a year it’s been). By Dallas Kalmar. 



Let everything come naturally / I’ll loosen the grip of what you need

Just as the post-quarantine pace seemed to be picking up, September kicked off with a full moon in your seclusion sector, and your ruler (powerhouse Mars!) is taking a nap. Meanwhile, you’ve had catalytic converters of the universe (Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter) doing the step-and-repeat through your ambitious, fame-laden career house this past year, kicking up all kinds of delay dust. You’ve certainly endured your share of disheartening ram-ifications (to say the least). Much as your conscious self is anxious to take flight, your higher self is still unpacking from the last trip—so let it! You’ll soon see the silver lining in these slowdowns when Pluto awakens in October. A ‘10-4!’ moment sets the stage with a serendipitous meeting and few brass rings, just within your grasp, but easy does it. Murky Mercury in your house of mergers echoes the hurry-up-and-wait energy until mid-November, but a new moon in the same sphere allows you to revise and reset some intentions on Nov. 15. If you can surrender to all this ‘allowing’, some seriously once-in-a-blue-moon opportunities (think more money, better gigs, bigger heart) will reward your patience near Oct. 31, when la luna lands in your self-worth sector. Issues around partnerships and joint finances are dredged up for clear-up once and for all by November’s end, and The Great Conjunction on Dec. 21 will see you conjoined in such synchronistic bliss that you’ll wonder why you ever wondered at all. 



Ça plan pour moi (It all glides for me)

With all the networking momentum and potentiality September brought, it’ll be tempting to don your ‘inner dolphin’ and bulldoze ahead into the wee hours of October (when you should really be a dozing bull), but this will only hinder your efforts. Succumb to self-care, donning your Ram Dass instead—especially whilst even action-backed Mars is napping in your quiet-time corner—and just: Be. Here. Now.

You’ll be glad you did near Halloween, when a blue moon in your sign heralds a ‘new-you debut’ and suddenly the tempo ticks upwards again. You’ll be in even higher demand when the communication planet finally stations direct in your work zone on Nov. 4, probably putting out a fire or two. By Nov. 30, your earned income and self-worth sphere blares by the light of a metamorphic eclipse in Gemini that might force your hand for the sake of clarity—and your bottom line. This has been a long-time coming, so trust your instincts and relish in knowing that the outcome will only work towards your highest good! Evidence of this arrives around the solstice, when expansive Jupiter graces your professional presence with a dose of fame and divine timing to ring in 2021. A host of new business leads and reasons for merrymaking abound.


You’ll see that my mind is too fast for eyes

September’s promising full moon in your career corner paved the way for professional progress over the next few months, especially if you’re a creative! Savor this silver lining through mid-November, as your ruler (yup—good ol’ Merc) does the Safety Dance through your wellness zone and Mars follows suit in your networking nook. Work initiations might feel futile, and you (or someone close) could experience some prognostic confusion related to the lungs or nervous system. Watch mid-October, when a power-hungry square to your judge-y eighth house could have you unfairly taking someone’s inventory. Lean back—not in—during these salty times. Otherwise, control issues could seethe around shared resources of every flavor, serving up the bitter need for reform in a less-than-palatable way. Your greatest asset will be to come at every angle from a place of humility (even if you have to force it!) and compassion. And then…exhale. On Nov. 30, your lightness returns with an energizing eclipse in your sign, setting the stage for Gemini: V. 20.21. As December wraps, you might find that Saturn and Jupiter have left behind a little windfall for your troubles in the form of an inheritance, buy-out or angel investor!


Do you reckon your body and your mind?

Career-shmareer. Try as you might, your professional ambitions take a back seat the next couple of months while action-planet Mars snoozes there through November. Besides, with all the celestial bigwigs doing The Wobble through your partnership house this year, you’ve been the transformational favorite on the subject of me-vs.-we dynamics, and that theme just ain’t goin’ anywhere. That said, the miff-making vibes with one in particular might’ve sparked some fugitive-like fantasies—but you can’t run (or hide in your shell) forever. It’s no coincidence that the crab is your astrological archetype, but this passive, pre-molt continuum deserves not one more plankter of your energy! When the transformation planet wakes up in your partnership house, you’ll follow suit—and even the most painful of realizations will look good on you. Whether asserting yourself at work or breaking free of them, the lunar eclipse on Nov. 30 prompts you to release all of the Same Historically Irritating Tribulations you’ve been tolerating and lugging around for far too long. If you’ve also been mulling over a health issue (mental, physical and relational all apply) since June, these moonbeams clamor for your undivided attention. The Dec. 21 solstice bestows you with circumstantial ripeness for the year ahead.


Summer’s coming and I’d like a review

What’re you nurturing these days, Leo? You know better than most that “energy flows where the attention goes.” But in terms of relationships—say we’re talking metaphorical gardens here—are you deadheading authentically? Until Nov. 3, Mercury’s reversal in your sentimental fourth house emphasizes the re-factor for you now: review, recharge, realign. Fact: You are overachiever: defined. So, it’ll be all too easy to take on yet another project in late October, when you’re probably already at capacity. And while the whole “no mud, no lotus” concept is inspiring and often relevant, you’re only human. Perhaps try on, “no moderation, no Leo” for size? You’ll be glad you did, especially when your professional star appears to be rising in the blue-moon light of Oct. 31 and your life is suddenly brimming with better offers! Don’t fret a month later if something goes awry at the eleventh hour concerning travel, legal matters or approvals—the stall will actually work in your favor! Your optimistic house of travel is getting the nod from act-now-think-later Mars—which also rules the face (and brain). With a lunar eclipse in Gemini (hands, lungs, breathing) and protocol-obsessed Saturn in your house of health, be extra diligent about mask-wearing, sanitizing and face-touching at this time. Seems like no-brainer advice, but distractions abound with chatty Mercury in your risk-taking fifth house and so many big decisions to make before 2020 draws to a close. The time has come for you to be alive again.


I’ll be up-up and away

Happy solar return, Virgo! Ready for a re-brand? On Sept. 17, your personal new moon ushered in reams of raw and radiant energy to bolster your highest ideals—particularly as they pertain to your career and image therein. Joined just in time by expressive Mercury in your self-worth sector, you’ll have the confidence and charisma to ask for what you deserve and (eventually) get it—but it might take until after the Nov. 30 lunar eclipse in your career house before that happens. In the meantime, simma’ down, now! When controlling Pluto squares haphazard Mars in your murky money zone Oct. 9 and again on Dec. 23, joint resources will frustrate—but don’t push the issue. There’s probably more to the story, and the last thing you need is a bridge-burning brawl in the last quarter. Instead, you’ll be best served by transmuting that energy (in the boudoir, perhaps?) with a loving re-direct towards any latent issues in your more intimate unions. And before you bid 2020 adieu, what do you want to give birth to, or better yet: what wants to be expressed through you? Actualizing this has been your cosmic raison d’être for the past year, but with the powerhouse planets snoozing for half of it, traction has been tricky. You can look forward to greater feelings of overall security and achievement after Jupiter moves into your workaday region for a year on Dec. 19.


Oh lord I didn’t see it coming / Arcadia’s got me running

Your mask isn’t the only thing interfering with your peripheral vision. In September, your ruler Venus was busy glamorizing your networking and tech sector, gracing your communications (especially the digital kind) with a regal glow and boosting your business goals. Yet for most of October, she’ll retreat into your illusory twelfth house, making everything look and feel more glamorous—which could have you missing the mark in both love and your public life. Adding to the confusion is murky Mercury, do-si-doing in your money house (eek!) which might pressurize a contractual decision. It will behoove you to stall until mid-November if you can. In the meantime, your annual gift from the Cosmos arrives on Oct. 17 (a Libra new moon) begging you to get clear on what you really want! The real manifestational portal opens for you on Nov. 30, with a powerful lunar eclipse in your adventure corner. ‘Have passport; will travel’ has probably been your loudest ethos for the past couple of years, but for now with both your home and partnership zones so heavily aspected through November (oh—and the pandemic), staying put and present for loved ones will set you free. While this may feel contradictory, “travel” in the traditional sense isn’t the only expression of this energy, and in Gemini is prompting you to learn, process, and share with the world. The North Node here bolsters your confidence from behind the scenes, and you enter 2021 feeling like you’re exactly where you’re meant to be.


I feel like I don’t have the words /…They are close but not quite

Emphasizing the need for solitude, self-compassion and faith, this otherwise frustrating period bolsters your intuition and will serve you best when working behind the scenes and refining your approach. You’ve always been flush with timely strokes of brilliance when it comes to big-picture concepts and solutions, but with the heavyweight planets doing the Fairy Ring through your communication cavern the past 18 months, your delivery may not have yielded the results you were hoping for. The emphasis has been more on what you say and less on how you say it—which for a natural charmer like you, has probably left you feeling a bit out of sorts. On Nov. 15, your ikigai is restored when the Scorpio new moon green-lights you to action an unrealized desire, so heed the synchronicities that ensue during the two weeks that follow. If you’ve hit some snags with joint investments or business ventures, you might see progress as soon as Nov. 30, when the lunar eclipse activates your house of mergers. Solutions will be coming out of the woodwork—many in the form of complementary people and epiphanies, some in the form of endings—but all priming you for greater foresight in the coming year.


Hand it over | Get on your knees and pray

Because if you pray, why worry, and if you worry, why pray? Spiritually speaking, even though many Sags out there are self-proclaimed agnostic or atheist, the notion of a higher power comes up for review for you over the next few months—and could be the very thing that turns it all around (even if ‘right now’ currently feels totally upside-down). A blue moon in your house of healthy routines tests this theory on Halloween, when something scary may surface beyond your control—and your newfound faith sets you free. Meanwhile, Mercury’s pivotal journey through your chart’s introspection section emphasizes the re-factor for you now: review, recharge, realign. And maybe pray some more. On Nov. 15, the new moon urges you to turn the lens inward. Focus on making your life FEEL Instagram-able…and skip the post. This new and ironically dark moon flashes invaluable insights on the deep-seated workings of your psyche and your soul, so take notes and plenty of time out. A change-making eclipse in your partnership house on Nov. 30 gleams an opportunity to really go deep towards a more authentic, happily-ever-after, but only if you have the headspace! A solar eclipse in your sign two weeks later ushers in some seriously clean-slate energy so you can end the year feeling light as a feather.


 Oh it’s so heavy / Let a little go

With the cosmic heavy-hitters transiting your sign the past few years, your sense of identity has undoubtedly weathered a metamorphosis (or 4!), and that’s putting it lightly. But where have you perhaps become complacent behind a mask? When alchemizing Pluto wakes up to paternal Saturn and amp-it-up Jupiter, the dress rehearsal ends—quickly. While October may find you trying to focus on anything BUT the Sea (see?) Goat in the mirror, your efforts (conscious or not) will be thwarted at every turn. Even a sleepy Mars in your familial fourth house will insist you shift your energy to numero uno (yes, that’s you), and the lunation of Nov. 30 won’t let you get away with anything less. This full moon in your workaday sphere could see you finally ‘eclipsing out’ a facet or two of your previously ironclad routine. Be it a wellness regimen or job description, it most certainly won’t function to define you any longer. The Language of Letting Go, on the other hand, could become your new daily dialect—and the results will make you wonder why you waited so long. Reading it in your horoscope won’t be enough to catalyze this, of course, so maybe just get it here. An introspective solar eclipse on Dec. 12 supports any supernatural leanings and your overall—perhaps some unfinished—healing.


Take the time to make it better / Take the time to make it real

Is that tinfoil hat getting a bit tight? The conspiracy theories and paranoia is exhausting for anyone, but you, oh cerebral one, might need to address this before your health—mental et al.—takes a dive. That said, once Pluto awakes in your wrap-it-up twelfth house early October, laser focus and intuition in spades is available when it comes to the next ‘right’ move—starting with some self-care and solitude. Until late November, making time for frequent bouts of rest (dare I say “naps”?) may feel counterintuitive, but with Mars reversing through your expressive third house and the communication planet doing the same in your reputation realm, pushing your program could short-circuit your mission altogether. Be wary of bait-makers and use that soapbox for storage until the cosmic coast is clear in December. Your ruler, Saturn, asks you to think of this withdrawal period as an ode to your higher self in the meantime, because whatever we put before the thing we know is best for us will almost always suffer (despite our best intentions). Nebulous Neptune turns direct in your money zone on Nov. 28, opening the karmic floodgates for abundance once again! You’ll be captivated by a personal project at this time, and with a lunar eclipse in your creative corner, it’s sure to garner plenty of attention—perhaps even funding—eventually. On Dec. 21, auspicious Jupiter joins forces with rudimental Saturn in your sign, camping out together for an entire year and supercharging your best initiatives yet—as long as you stick with it!


I’m goin’ through changes

Incommunicado Mercury flips the script in your philosophically assertive ninth house on Oct. 14 for a tumultuous exchange or two. Aspected by a weakened (yet irritable) Mars in your earned income and self-worth sector, this is most likely to happen at work, almost undoubtedly in the form of a test (or threat) to ‘break the camel’s back’—or break the straw that’s been holding you back—? If that last line was cause for pause, you might want to consider the same prudence before you say something controversial. Despite mid-October feeling like a comparably screeching halt, you’ll still enjoy the benefits of Venus transiting your relationship house for most of it, when a match-made-in-heaven gets a bit of cosmic support. Your home life could see some major transitions by November’s end, when the Gemini lunar eclipse shakes you (and everyone under your roof!) out of complacency. Once the dust settles, you can better nurture your network (and elevate your net-worth)!  Windows of opportunity come fast and furious now, beginning with the solar eclipse on Dec. 14, so be ready to act. Jupiter’s pragmatic pull this year has prompted you to act strategically versus intuitively when making connections, which may have felt inauthentic at times. You’ll start to feel more like yourself after Dec. 19 when the gas giant moves into your dreamy twelfth house for 2021.


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