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Where Angels Fear To Tread: Alyona Hedar

Alyona at Beauty Lab Salon & Spa is offering Yak readers (male or female) a free manicure, pedicure or eyelash extension.  CLICK HERE to book. *Offer ends on November 16th.

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As we move closer to the tail-end of 2020 (everyone’s annus horribilis), The Yak decided to meet some of the fearless few who have planned or opened new businesses in these tougher-than-tough times. Here we chat with Alyona Hedar from Beauty Lab, Barber Lab and Body Lab.

Body Lab


Could you tell us your name, your business name and what industry you are in?

My name is Alyona Hedar. My businesses are Beauty Lab Salon, Barber Lab and Body Lab Slimming Spa.

What experiences or services does your latest brand offer?

Beauty Lab and Barber Lab offer various beauty treatments including hair treatments and barber services, as well as our signature manicures, pedicures and eyelash extensions. All techniques of the treatments I brought in from Russia and the Ukraine and we are using imported, quality products and equipment. We will also we have top stylists from Russia and Ukraine working in the salon.

When did you first start planning this business?

I planned it a year ago but didn’t have much time to focus on it as I was very busy with my other business, Body Lab Slimming Spa. It was only when Covid-19 began that I was able to give my energy and attention to creating a new business. We’re officially going to open on November 18.

While everyone around you was laying-off workers and closing businesses what was it that made you keep going and continue the dream within the unfolding nightmare?

Covid-19 has had a huge effect on Bali with the closure of many businesses and venues. It turned into an amazing opportunity; I was able to take on a huge space at an affordable price. A year ago it would have been impossible as rent in Bali was very expensive.

I strongly felt that I just needed to keep going, although friends and family advised me to stop as the situation was, and is, unstable; no-one knows when life will get back to ‘normal’. I was told I’m crazy, but I knew I was doing the right thing.

I can’t say that it has been smooth sailing, I had a trouble sleeping and a lot of anxiety in creating this new business. I was under a lot of pressure from the responsibility, I was also worried about the substantial investment, but my inner voice told me that the Universe would take care of me and I shouldn’t worry.

I know that before one receives, one needs to give first. So I started donating to charities, as I knew that the situation in Bali had left a lot of people in need of assistance. I organized some closed charity events for Bali orphanages and magic happened.

Thankfully, we also still had a lot of customers coming to my other business, Body Lab Slimming Spa, and of course we followed all the protocols on health and safety and ensured our customers and staff were highly protected throughout these times.

I am very grateful to all our Body Lab customers who have supported us throughout, and it’s thanks to them that Beauty Lab and Barber Lab have had the chance to launch, even during this pandemic.

How long have you been in your chosen field of business?

Beauty is my everything. I study beauty; I live and breathe beauty. I decided to provide beauty services because it makes women feel better about themselves, it bolsters confidence, which in and of itself breeds beauty as well.

How many people do you employ?

At the moment we employ about 50 people for Body Lab, Beauty Lab and Barber Lab. And as soon as the situation gets back to normal we will definitely need more employees.

What are the factors that you appreciate about this C19 business hiatus?

It has allowed me to take time over the creation and opening of the Beauty Lab and Barber Lab and also be able to focus on training the staff. Our team have been training since March 2020, staying positive and motivated. I needed to show them that they have nothing to worry about; they just needed to focus on learning our signature treatments in order to provide quality services to our customers.

What upcoming challenges do you foresee?

Honestly, I think the worst is behind us. Borders will open soon, and business will be better then ever.

What star sign are you? And do you think that your particular horoscope characteristics emboldened you to take this plunge and carry it on through?

During pandemic I started to study jyotish, which is a Vedic astrology. So I got a chance to learn more about myself. My star sign is Cancer but the strongest planets on my astrology chart are Venus (beauty) and Sun (leadership), which is in the “house” of business, so I believe that my occupation is my dharma.

Are you currently running any promotional campaigns and / or amazing offers?

Yes!! For all Yak readers (male or female) we are going to offer one complimentary service of a manicure or a pedicure or eyelash extensions. This offer is valid for more or less one month* and only one treatment for each Yak reader/follower.

(*Valid until November 16th)

Do you have a mantra, music or a motto (or YouTube video or similar) that you have used, weekly or daily, as you have completed and opened in these trying times? We would love you to share with us.

This pandemic created a lot of fears and only a connection with God/the Universe can neutralize it. So I did my best to make this connection stronger through prayer, scriptures, gratitude and mantras. The Mantra which I use to help me maintain mental strength is Om namo bhagavate va sudevaya, it is the Dwadasakshari Mantra.

Lastly, can you let us know your business opening times and address so we can come visit, and thank you in person for your optimism and passion?

At the moment it is 10.00-18.00 but from 18th November (opening date) it will be from 11.00-20.00.

Beauty Lab and Barber Lab located on Jl. Raya Kerobokan 86a.

(Ex-Som-Chai), Banjar Taman.

Our WA numbers for bookings are:

+62 877 6156 7070  or +62 877 7003 3976

FB Page: Beauty Lab Bali salon&spa

IG: @beautylab_bali

Thank you for your time Alyona – see you soon!

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