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Where the ‘Med’ Meets the Rice Paddies! Next Level Italian Cuisine Comes to Seminyak…


Gloriam Grills & Glamour brings modern, glamorous fine dining and the best of traditional Italian cuisine to Seminyak.

650 square feet are transformed into a contemporary utopia consisting of luxury furniture, a showstopping bar and a colourful lighting design that brings the party to the restaurant every evening of the week. And with the rice paddies within reaching distance just outside, this is a culmination of two very different, very beautiful cultures.


Fill your table with the creative starters that they’re so famous for. Whether it’s a Parma or cold meat platter, beef tartare, or a mozzarella fritta, these dishes will set the bar high for the rest of your meal.


With miles and miles of gorgeous coastline on its doorstep, Gloriam has exquisite seafood throughout its entire menu. Begin with Ceviche with basil and lemon zest, or choose Barramundi with chilli oil, and Native lobster with wasabi aioli as your main, or do both! The grill is firing up, Lamb shank, Grilled chicken, Pork chop, and Steaks, all cooked to perfection with a smoky flavour.


Of course it’s not Italian without pizza and pasta. Savor the rich flavours of homemade pasta dishes, such as the succulent Salmon pappardelle, the hearty Ravioli with braised beef sauce, or the irresistible homemade Gnocchi with oven-melted mozzarella.

The pizza oven is serving the classic Margherita pizzas, as well as artisanal gourmet pizzas such as the Assunta with artichoke purée and Parma ham, and the La Regina with pesto, ricotta and parmesan flakes. These unique pizza creations are sure to satisfy even the most discerning pizza connoisseur.

Experience the epitome of refined Italian dining at Gloriam Restaurant, where every dish is an artful blend of traditional flavours and contemporary techniques.

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