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2020 Angels

The Yak and Savaya Bali are rewarding these beautiful 2020 Angels this Saturday. Our 2020 angels had the guts to open a company in this pandemic year and help Baliโ€™s economy and her people. Big thanks to The Forge Gastropub – Petitenget, Parq Ubud – Ubud, Shady Pig – Canggu, and Shotgun Social – Sanur. There were a few more worthy peeps but awards are limited


Bali Brands/ Business Person

Massive shout out to the dedicated, persevering brand-ideators and business leaders: Ida Bagus Rai Budarsa โ€“ Hatten Wines, John Hardy Jewelry, Kadek Wiranatha โ€“ Double 6, Mason โ€“ Restaurant & F & B brand, Michael R Lorenti Jr. โ€“ Sensatia, ย Nicolaza Lupercio โ€“ Mexicola Group, Philip Lakeman โ€“ Lakeman Cermaics, Evy Gozali – Sababay Winery and Distillery, Joel Si Jin – Si Jin Restaurant and Seven Stones – Terje Nielsen. We will meet all these Bali Brands awardees at Baliโ€™s Fab40 event at Savaya Bali this Saturday!


Eco conscious

Baliโ€™s Fab40 award goes to all those who walk the talk, and green our scene. Mega thanks to Charlie Hearns โ€“ Inspiral Architects, Chloe Quinn โ€“ Make A Scene, Gary Bencheghib โ€“ Make a Change World, Eelke Plasmeijer and team – Locavore, Made Janur โ€“ Plastic Exchange, Sayan Gulino for Waterbom and Wayan Kresna Yasa โ€“ Executive Chef Potatohead for zero waste.


Holistic Sustainable

Letโ€™s thanks this gentle group of awardees for bringing the holistic passion to this sometimes โ€˜roughโ€™ island. We are grateful for having Alexis Dornier โ€“ architect, Elora Hardy โ€“ Greening Design and Architecture and Tjok Gde Kerthyasa โ€“ Tirta Usada on this island.



Our friends in fashion โ€“ Angie Anggoro โ€“ Stylist, Franklin Firdaus โ€“ Menโ€™s fashion & fragrance & Social Media, Milo Migliavacca โ€“ Posthumous Award for Miloโ€™s, Paul Ropp for Paul Ropp and Susanna Perinni for Biasa. We award this group of people and thank them for their talent, vision and the promotion of Bali.


Iconic Bukit

Along with Savaya Bali, we would like to thank this iconic Bukit group for having put the very south of Bali on the map. Shout out to Drifter โ€“ Surf Brand, Josh Forrow for Ulu Cliffhouse and Single Fin Bar and Restaurant!



Without motivation we wouldnโ€™t be here today, so we thank Michael Franti โ€“ singer/songwriter, music producer, activist; Rhonda Swan โ€“ Motivational speaker and business person; Robert Ian Bonnick โ€“ Motivational speaker and business person; and David Hans Barker for The Yogi Lab @The Istana โ€“ Thank you with all of our hearts.


Power couple / pioneers

Whether the single pioneers or โ€œpower coupleโ€ pioneers, Bali would be less than yesterday without these amazing people. Thank you for leading the way, Arturo Eggo & Cetin Candan, Chris Salans โ€“ Mozaic Ubud, Mark Baker โ€“ In The Raw/Beach Garden/Organic farms and Nigel & Yanie Mason โ€“ Mason Adventures


Baliโ€™s Fab40 – The total 40 awardees were handpicked by Savaya Bali and The Yak โ€“ ideal judges due to their combined knowledge of the people who consistently inspire and lead.

Obviously there are many others that should also have been awarded but we had to stop somewhereโ€ฆ

Enjoy the party and lets give thanks to beautiful Bali!!

1 The Forge Gastropub – successful opening 2020** 2020 Angels
2 Parq Ubud โ€“ innovative design, creative space / community hub** 2020 Angels
3 Shady Pig – successful lifestyle opening 2020** 2020 Angels
4 Shotgun Social – successful lifestyle opening 2020** 2020 Angels
5 Ida Bagus Rai Budarsa – Hatten Wines Owner Bali Brands/ Business Person
6 John Hardy brand โ€“ Polly Purser Bali Brands/ Business Person
7 Made Wiranatha โ€“ Businessman – Double 6, Double 6 Hotel, Ku De Ta Bali Brands/ Business Person
8 Mason/Fishbone Local โ€“ Top Restaurant businesses in Canggu (Ben Cross) Bali Brands/ Business Person
9 Michael R. Lorenti Jr. โ€“ Sensatia Botanicals Bali Brands/ Business Person
10 Nicolaza Lupercio โ€“ Motel Mexicola, Luigis, Da Maria Bali Brands/ Business Person
11 Philip Lakeman โ€“ Creative / Lakeman Ceramics Bali Brands/ Business Person
12 Sababay โ€“ Winery, Distillery, Wine growers, farming education, fair trade Bali Brands/ Business Person
13 Si Jin – Joel โ€“ best restaurant Seminyak/Bali ** Bali Brands/ Business Person
14 Terje Nielsen โ€“ Seven Stones Indonesia โ€“ Real Estate and advisor Bali Brands/ Business Person
15 Charlie Hearn โ€“ Inspiral Architects Eco conscious
16 Chloe Quinn โ€“ Make a scene – Balinese traditional weaving, reinvented Eco conscious
17 Gary Bencheghib โ€“ Make A Change world/ River Booms Bali / Citarum River Eco conscious
18 Locavore – Eelke Plasmeier / Ray Adriansyah / Adi Karmayasa โ€“โ€“lowest restaurant carbon footprint in Bali. Eco conscious
19 Made Janur – Plastic Exchange Eco conscious
20 Sayan Gulino โ€“ Waterbom Eco conscious
21 Wayan Kresna Yasa โ€“ Chef Ijen/PotatoHead – restaurant sustainability Eco conscious
22 Alexis Dornier โ€“ Tropical-Tectonic Architect โ€“ Based in Bali**- alexisdornier.com Holistic Sustainable
23 Elora Hardy โ€“ Greening Design and Architecture Holistic Sustainable
24 Tjok Gde Kerthayasa โ€“ Tirta Usada โ€“ Holistic Health Holistic Sustainable
25 Angie Anggoro – International Fashion Stylist โ€“ Bali-based Fashion
26 Franklin Firdaus โ€“ Socialite, designer and Bali branding Fashion
27 Milo – Fashion Designer โ€“ posthumous Fashion
28 Paul Ropp โ€“ Paul Ropp designer/fashion brand Fashion
29 Susanna Perinni โ€“ Biasa Fashion Designer / Brand Fashion
30 Drifter – One of Bukitโ€™s top brands – The Embodiment of the Surfing Counter Culture Iconic Bukit
31 Josh Forrow โ€“ Bukitโ€™s Man About Town Iconic Bukit
32 Single Fin โ€“ Iconic Bukit Bar โ€“ Thai Little Iconic Bukit
33 Michael Franti โ€“ Musician, activist Motivators
34 Rhonda Swan โ€“ Global motivator living in Bali Motivators
35 Robert Ian Bonnick โ€“ SpeakUp Mondays/ Inspirer and Author. Motivators
36 The Yogi Lab The Istana โ€“ lifestyle / community retreat hub (David Hans Barker) Motivators
37 Arturo Eggo & Cetin Candan โ€“ Baliโ€™s โ€œCeturoโ€ (Brandgelina) Power couple / pioneers
38 Chris Salans โ€“ Pioneer fine-dining in Bali – Mozaic Restaurant Power couple / pioneers
39 Mark Baker โ€“ Socialite, business owner, event industry legend Power couple / pioneers
40 Nigel and Yanie Mason – Mason Adventures Power couple / pioneers


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