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Yak Throwback: Fabrizio Alessi

He started post atomic men’s clothing line, SKIN. And he rode a big green motorbike. We head back to 2014 and issue 26 of The Yak for our interview with Fabrizio Alessi. Photo: Dustin Humphrey.

Fabrizio, you’re a well-known member of Bali’s fashion community…when did you first arrive on the island?
I arrived in Bali in 1989…when I was still a pure and beautiful baby.

Do you have a history in fashion?
Yes. I design clothes for punk rockers (mostly my friends). I wouldn’t call it fashion, just rags…that’s what I’m doing…designing rags! I started to work as designer for a couple’s independent Italian label. Always street wear, always fun.

Some people say there are not enough men’s clothes available here. Why is that, do you think?
Man, in the ‘old’ Bali days we didn’t even need to wear clothes. Just board shorts and t-shirts were enough. But now things have changed. Men want to be cool and smart, and Skin tries to satisfy all this.

What’s important about men’s clothing, as opposed to clothes for women?
Men want practical clothes, light material, cotton never polyester, earth colours.

Which do you prefer to design for ­– the boys or the girls?
Boys. But I also have fun with women’s… clothes.

What’s the most important thing about making a good t-shirt?
The fit, number one, and the print, which has to be in line with the modern thinking.

Do you design all the clothes yourself or is it a collaborative effort?
We work as team. I always like to have different opinions.

What do you look for when choosing fabric?
I don’t like synthetic fabrics. I hate to sweat in a plastic shirt, so I try to work with only natural materials.

Who is your favourite clothes designer?
Vivienne Westwood.

Does music have an influence on your clothes?
Of course. Everything starts with rock ’n’ roll, and then continues in the same rhythm.

And now we want to know…do you believe in God?
I do believe in God. I think of all of us as God…it’s just hard to remember, especially when I am upset!

What’s a regular day for you?
Café, surf, yoga, work.

Where do your ideas come from for Skin?
Many sources…magazines, travel, or just watching people on the street.

I want to be a fashion designer. What should I do first?
Come on…you don’t want to be a fashion designer, you want to be an astronaut! Or a doctor, or a chef, a pimp…or maybe somebody who is good for society.

You’re right. Fabrizio, thanks for your time. It’s been illuminating.

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