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Young Guns

Bali is exploding with young talent… so we got the biggest fish and put them in the studio pond and shot them for posterity. Optimus prime we salute you.


KATIE ALLAN (29), Kiwi, runs Revolver Cafe, Seminyak.
“I love coffee! I love that there’s a place where people can come and feel relaxed and have a good coffee and giggle. Living on Bali means having some of the world’s best waves and beaches on your doorstep – I can do what I love (surfing) more often. Being amongst so much culture and energy is so beautiful and such a blessing to be a part of!”

ARTHUR PERRIN (28), French, brand manager at Deus Ex Machina.
“I arrived in Bali after a few years traveling around the globe, fell in love with the good vibe and decided to stick around. I like being able to surf before heading to work or having a sweet ride in the paddies. Bali to me is the opportunity to enjoy your life differently.”

GEORGIA HALL (34), Australian, fashion designer, State of Georgia.
“I am passionate about my boy and cooking. Living in Bali to me is truly living.”

MALAKAI HOM, American, multi disciplinary artist.
“My passion is bespoke design, artistic direction, performance and DJ-ing. Living on Bali means magic, synchronicity, pleasure, and pain.”

GEORGINA AMANDA SOLOMON, (aka Lasskaa), (28), Australian, fashion designer and stylist.
“I love to design and create shoes, and sometimes style sneaky fashion shoots.. Bali means watching magical sunsets over crashing waves, under palm trees, drinking coconuts, rapping Biggy Smalls’ It Was All a Dream . . . in nothing less than in impeccable style.”

HELEN LILY MILNE, Zimbabwean, fashion designer.
“I have a passion for fashion, photography, and music. It’s the challenge of interweaving communication skills, pro-activeness, problem solving, and translating that to your perception of culture, taking risks and being outrageously curious. Bali has been a place that has enabled me to achieve some reckless childhood dreams – live on an island making beautiful things, creating employment and developing my career.

LUIGI FERRARA (30), Italian, restaurant and bar developer La Plancha Bali and La Favela Bali.
“I love my family and friends, food, drinks, women, animals and surf. Bali for me is an organised chaos and I totally fit in it.”

ONGGA PRATAMA (34), Indonesian, jewellry designer.
“I’m into heavy metals – shiny, sharp, bold, and pointy metallic jewellery. I am the designer for The Ongga Jewelry (formerly known as Nipples Revolt Jewelry). Bali means living in my dream … it’s somewhere with painted skies raining watercolor.”

WILL LOVEJOY (36), Australian, restaurant founder.
“I love creating food, drinks and ambiance for people to enjoy; to relax, have a good time with friends or let their hair down and dance on the tables, if they so desire. I could answer the “what does Bali mean to you” question differently every day largely due to the crazy, orderly disorder surrounding us … which I love. It’s a great platform to create whatever you feel.”

DAVID JOHN SCHAAP (23), Indonesian, filmmaker.
“I’m passionate about filmmaking and photography – expressing myself through visual imagery, and sharing a unique perspective of this country and this island. I love seeing new lives, cultures and landscapes. Bali to me is like a strong magnet . . . it has attracted much creativity over the years and I have been blessed to know some of these extraordinary people that live on the island.”

ARTHUR BROTOLARAS (26), Canadian, actor.
“I’ve been an actor in Indonesia, but I’d rather see myself behind the lens or dangling off a cliff. Bali is all about respecting the locals. Respecting Balinese culture. Smiling at elders. Giving way to those who have been here longer … most of all keeping my Indo roots alive as a mixed kid born on the island.”

Photos: D.Hump
Hair & makeup: Ade Az
Styling: Christina