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AstroYak #61 Dec-Feb


Star gazer Dallas Kalmar hits the charts to put your life in perspective.

AriesBurn baby, burn. On December 31st, fiery Mars (your ruler) blazes into your sign just in time for the new-year festivities. Like a cosmic cocktail wielding away any inhibitions for 6 weeks, you’ll be life of the party, boss in the boudoir, or a promenading powder keg. Counter the latter by channeling that excess adrenaline into demanding workouts or creative work, because five days later: let’s hear it for the boys! The new moon high-fives Saturn in your career house, which could see you on your way to landing that dream job or client, courtesy of a male mentor or father figure.

TaurusDon’t go chasing waterfalls. On January 21st, the Leo lunar eclipse finds you on the verge of some potentially big moves relating to home, family or another personal mission. And with Mars in your sign by Valentine’s Day, you’ll be itching to sign on the dotted line. However, with Neptune in your 11th house of networking, friends and technology, be wary of any snake-oil-salesmen types and don’t take just anyone’s ‘good advice’. There may be some confusion around what it’ll actually take to make the dream work, so be sure to do your research.

GeminiLike the ceiling can’t hold us. On December 22nd, the Cancer full moon helps you end the year feeling fiscally free, bringing to fruition all of your efforts of the past year. Bonus? Check. A big “yes”? Check. Feeling like you can conquer the world? You should, especially when the lunar eclipse in your 3rd house energizes you (or some long-lost fans) to get your message out there. Seminars, TED talks, the Great American Novel–they’re all possibilities at your disposal. A Venus-Mars trine in your career/work houses scream BIG coup for you.

CancerSigned, sealed, delivered. If you’ve been waiting for an answer or sign from the divine, the lunar eclipse on January 21st sees to it. A promotion, career change or unexpected moneymaking opportunity is now well within your grasp–just be sure to read the fine print and don’t rush! With Jupiter having just moved into your 6th house in November, you’ll be inclined towards a work/health overhaul–just in time for “Dry Jan.” Don’t worry about missing the wagon in January, though–you’ll have another 11 months to start that wheatgrass ritual, and streamline your work-life processes.

LeoLet it go, let it gooooooo. The Cancer full moon on December 22nd is all about forgiveness–activating your conscious (or subconscious) desire to release that which no longer serves you. With Mars in your 9th house of travel and higher learning from mid-January, you might enlist the help of a therapist, sign up for a workshop, or travel for a healing retreat to do some inner work and chisel away at that psychic scar tissue. The full moon in your sign on January 22nd could also herald the beginning or end of something significant, ‘eclipsing out’ a toxic person or situation.

VirgoLet my love open the door. With your creative, romantic 5th house lit up through January, promoting yourself becomes second nature, and you actually enjoy it. Opportunities for romance blossom, as long as you come from a place of humility and compassion. Wanna join (or revisit!) the Mile High Club? Your confidence is off the charts in February, so Mars in your 9th house could propel you–and your animal passion–across international borders.

LibraHome is whenever I’m with you. With a gaggle of 5 planets in your 4th house of home and family until Jan 19th, you’re undergoing some major, transformative realizations about your domestic life, fundamental sense of security, your soul’s mission, public influence, and what it all means. The eclipse further stokes these energies on January 6th, and with Mercury here, you’ll be more inclined to turn inward, surrounding yourself with your most trusted tribe members. By March, you’ll have had an opportunity to heal some old psychic scar tissue, clearing the decks for a spectacular spring/autumn.

ScorpioShow me the money. By mid-December, Mercury and Venus will be finished do-si-do-ing in your sign, giving you the green light to fall in love again–with an actual person, yes, but more possibly your work! A lunar eclipse in your 10th house on Jan 21st could win you public recognition, bolster your image or put you in touch with the right person/right place/right time to take that next step. As lucky, expansive Jupiter camps out in your 2nd house of money/finances for the rest of the year, moneymaking opportunities and life’s luxuries will sniff you out without much effort on your part! Enjoy the ride.

SagittariusWalkin’ on sunshine. It’s already a blessing to have Jupiter in your sign, but to have a rare conjunction with Venus is pure magic. On January 22nd, you can’t lose–be it in love (perhaps the easiest use of this energy), money (doubly so with Venus then fluttering into your finance house next month), or just plain looking/feeling your best, your karmic savings account is brimming with auspicious opportunity all year. Just be sure to practice a bit of moderation in a sea of excess!

CapricornSimply irresistible. While December and especially January might’ve found you grappling with issues around security and self-confidence, Mars strides into your creative, romantic 5th house just in time for Valentine’s Day! A trine with Venus in your 1st house will make you feel strong, sexy and–cue Robert Palmer. Single or attached, the following 6 weeks will lend itself to greater passion and opportunities for pleasure than you’ve experienced all year. Just be sure to choose sexy over seething (and pillows to bash, over someone’s integrity)–the ego won’t serve you now.

AquariusI think we’re alone now. On January 6th, a lunar eclipse in your 12th house of healing and closure gives the nod to transformative Pluto, also residing there, to help you feel, deal, and heal from any lingering traumas or tendencies towards self-sabotage. This is a powerful time to set intentions for the coming six-month cycle; the energy present here might be best used to attract, recognize and begin working with a heavy-weight healer or therapist to help you on your journey.

PiscesI got friends in low places. With both Mercury and lucky Jupiter line-dancing in your career house until the end of 2018, if you can conceive it, you can achieve it. Tap those cross-cultural connections and former mentors for contacts and advice–then make your debut. Your energy will be best spent (and rewarded) by coming from a place of service (as if you needed anyone to tell you that). After Venus sashays into your 11th house February 3rd, Valentine’s Day might find you volunteering rather than veering into the boudoir, but don’t fret: you’ll have plenty of time to indulge your sapio-sexual urges in the days that follow.

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