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Attika World’s 50 Best Discovery


Attika at La Favela has been selected as one of The World’s 50 Best Discoveries – an accolade awarded to the best carefully curated newcomers in the F&B industry around the world.

Nestled quietly on the 3rd floor of La Favela Bali, Attika rose to fame quickly. In one year the bar has competed in 11 different Mixology competitions with one of the most substantial teams in Bali. With an elaborate bar program, Attika has positioned itself as a reference place on the Bali nightlife scene.


“We are extremely proud to be where we are right now,” said Nikita Fedchishin, La Favela’s Bar Manager. “I feel so blessed to witness the excitement from all the young bartenders we took under our wing. To see how proud they are of this place, after working so hard day after day, it’s like sipping a good properly-aged whiskey, all the passion and patience have paid off.” Nikita added: “It is completely profound to be recognized.” Attika is becoming more fluent daily in creating experiences for patrons.