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Avant Tous Noir

Photography and Video Creative Concept by @photografio
Filmed and Directed by @sergi.col
Fashion Styling: @maycortazzi
Make up & hair: @nicci_mua
Models: @castawaymodelmanagement @chantal.ka @tarahrodgers

The sun was shining while the cliff was cliffing when the divine and ferocious feminine turned up to @the_Istana – one sunny day not so long ago…

We had hoped for these images to be in The Yak in PRINT but this is not to be, at least for now… So digital we shall go and thank all those who came together to inspire, engage and get us into a fashion mood. Fio – we love you 🙂

Avant Tous Noir – ideated by @PhotograFIO and styled by the uber-talented @Maycortazzi 

Massive nods to the kind peeps at @the_istana – our favorite Biohacking and Meditation Space up on the Bukit – South Bali, and a reverent bow to the divine feminine which took an amazing part in this project.

Do not forget to enjoy this glorious fashion shoot on @theyakmagazine IG GRID 

Fio Photo

Featured brands: Lingerie @victoriasecret ; Blouse @_harta_ ; Boots @markbaigent ; Jewellery @ktjewel_international


Featured brands: Lingerie @victoriasecret ; Bustier @k.j.dan ; Gloves @gelarehdesigns ; Leggings @gelarehdesigns ; Boots @markbaigent ; Jewellery @tzdjewels


Featured brands: Bodysuit, belt, boots: @gelarehdesigns; Earrings: @gold_ordon ; Rings & earcuffs: @tzdjewels ; Sunglasses: @louisvuitton


Featured brands: Dress @magalipascal ; Bustier @k.j.dan ; Boots @erikapenaofficial ; Jewellery @ktjewel_international


Featured brands:
Chantal: Dress @magalipascal ; Bustier @k.j.dan ; Shoes @erikapenaofficial ; Jewellery & belt @gold_ordon
Tarah: Blouse @magalipascal ; Trousers @magalipascal ; Belt & earrings @markbaigent ; Jewellery @tzdjewels


Featured brands:
Tarah: Blouse @erikapenaofficial ; Trousers @maycortazzi ; Belt @gold_ordon ; Jewellery @ktjewel_international
Chantal: Shirt @okarstylesuits ; Shorts @k.and.i ; Shoes @markbaigent ; Earrings @gold_ordon ; Rings & necklaces @ktjewel_international ; Bangle @tzdjewels


Featured brands: Shirt @magalipascal ; Shorts @k.and.i ; Jacket @thebalitailor ; Fur coat: @maycortazzi ; Boots @markbaigent ; Jewellery @ktjewel_international


Featured brands: Jacket @magalipascal ; Swimsuit: @k.and.i  ; Earrings, braceletts & rings @ktjewel_international ; Necklaces @gold_ordon


Featured brands:
Tarah: Dress @k.and.i ; Boots @thebalitailor ; Earrings @markbaigent ; Bracelets @ktjewel_international
Chantal: Dress @k.and.i ; Boots @markbaigent ; Earrings @gold_ordon ; Rings @tzdjewels