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Bali Sustainable Seafood

Now you can source sustainable seafood in Bali that has been ethically caught or farmed in an environmentally conscious manner.

Bali Sustainable Seafood

Credit Pic: MDPI

Bali Sustainable Seafood is a Bali based food products supplier that works with and develops eco impact fisheries around Indonesia. The goal of these fisheries – engaged in the capture of snapper, tuna, clams, and more – is to protect the ocean’s environmental ecology, insure the ecological sustainability of the fishery and support the economic livelihood of the fisherman and his community.

With sustainable sources, fish are caught in  low impact methods to ensure as little disruption as possible to other habitats and species.

“All our fish are legally caught by small scale fishermen, ” they told us, “using low impact methods such as hand line or pole and line that do not harm the environment or catch juvenile fish – or endanger the long-term healthiness of the fishery.”

Bali Sustainable Seafood also focuses on quality training to local fishermen combined with strong cold chain integrity, which results in getting the best value for the fishermen and hence ensuring the long term economic health of the fishing village.

By purchasing Eco Impact Fishery seafood, it means that you are supporting the environment, supporting local fisherman and their families, and having an impact on the health of the oceans around us.

Bali Sustainable Seafood

Credit Pic: MDPI




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