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Bali’s Biggest Clean Up 2023…

bali biggest clean up

Photo by @liviahilda

Two weeks ago on the 19th of February, Bali’s Biggest Clean Up took place for the 7th year in a row and reached a new record of 200 clean ups all over the island of Bali in a single day!

In the last few years the movement has mobilized over 70,000 people in 560 locations and prevented 203 tonnes of inorganic waste from entering our oceans. This year, the energy was at an all-time high and people of all backgrounds and corners of the island came together. It was lovely to see the power of community coming together. And this year the movement stretched further than our island of Bali only.

In collaboration with Hari Bersih Indonesia coordinated by Indonesia Indah Foundation we have reached a total of 762,000 people in all districts in DKI Jakarta and Bali, and collected a total of nearly 130 tons. Hari Bersih Indonesia also planted 12,000 trees on the big day!

bali biggest clean up

Photos by @dewaariyuda and @miss.uptown & @sekardewi

Bali’s Biggest Clean Up 2023
200 cleanups on Bali, 7 locations globally, 762,000 people in both Bali and Jakarta prevented 130 tonnes of waste from entering our oceans.

bali biggest clean up

The Types of Plastics We Found…

Every year we team up with our friends over at Making Oceans Plastic Free who analyzed all the data collected on the big day. We ask all coordinators to do an audit of what is being collected. This year we received over 60 waste survey submissions for a return rate of 30%. See some key highlights below:

  • Top 3 items collected: plastic sachets, plastic bags, plastic straws
  • 13% of all collected were plastic bags
  • 12% were straws

Our Partners: YOU!

A big thank you to everyone involved, there were:

  • 157 Local Businesses
  • 10 Schools & Universities
  • 12,000+ individuals

Some highlights of BBCU

Make Art Not Waste

bali biggest clean up
Every year we look forward to the creative session of artist & supporter Lina Klaus who spear heads “Make Art not Waste” during Bali’s Biggest Clean Up. This year, the result was just as eye catching as the years before. Taken place on Nyanyi Beach with the support of Nuanu project and Indosole.

Inclusivity During the Clean Up
Thanks to the tear of Yayasan Pedull Kemanusiaan Ball they mobilized a clean up on Pantai Muara Tangtu with participants with disabilities.

Underwater Clean Up

bali biggest clean up
The divers supported our island wide clean up by going under water! Our friends over in Pemuteran made sure to protect our ocean and joined the clean up!

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