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Biasa Holiday 2019/2020 Womenswear


In light of the festive season, BIASA arrives with a new collection that wonderfully embodies the notion of “soft optimism” through a variety of style evolutions from the brand’s signature appliqués to clever lightweight cuts, boldly accented with statement accessories.

Neutral palettes of black and white faithfully remain as a canvas where BIASA’s artisanal cuts take form and grow. That colour juxtaposition, enriched with touches of gold or smoke, is reiterated in a novel swirling appliqué pattern as abound in Hadlei and Hagia dresses. Extending that appliqué line to form a curious face, the asymmetric high-slit Hilia is beautifully a kaftan to remember. Another creative take on those opposing shades appears on the cascading thread fringes on a unisex Harper T-shirt. All of these designs highlight a textural sense of motion, a free interpretation of what human optimism would tangibly feel like.


Soft quality in the Holiday 2019/2020 Womenswear finds a disguise in understated sophistication. While ocean-inspired hues such as aquamarine and silver blue in Havana and Hyma dresses easily turn heads due to their striking tone, their sartorial elegance unfurls more exciting stories to share. In BIASA’s tradition of extraordinary simplicity, the Havana tube-dress flows beautifully below the knee and showcases a clever knot on the side. The ethereal Hyma also exemplifies couture intelligence owing to its smart construction and fine accents in vibrant ginger orange.

On the other side of the spectrum, warm terracotta nuances including nectarine and sun come together in one wonderful, voluminous big-check long dress: Hyuna. The happy marriage of positive colours and the exquisite simplicity of such graceful silhouette may just encapsulate what this season BIASA has to offer – a sense of self-belief for aspiring modern women to freely and completely express herself. In her own words. In her own style. In her own elegance.

One final element to BIASA’s Holiday 2019/2020 womenswear is the new series of artistic accessories. An homage to the iconic Mondrian paintings, the Origami bags and clutches sport eye-catching colour coordination. The vivid blues, yellows and oranges are also recognizable on the season’s irresistible resin-and-leather creations. When paired together with BIASA’s timeless fashion, they represent a nod to the ever-inspiring past and the colourful present brimming with hopes and wishes towards the future.


King of Quirk: Adimas Reynard