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Bodhi’s Farm

What separates Bodhi’s Farm from other farms? Well, Bodhi’s Farm is a Bali-based organic farm that uses a natural and sustainable working concept.


100% Natural
Healthy chickens are happy chickens. Our healthy chickens are raised in a natural and organic way, adding probiotics to their feeds. On Bodhi’s Farm the poultry live in a clean and healthy environment, therefore producing quality meat with a distinctive “clear” taste. Each chicken is produced and grown organically, completely free from pesticides and chemicals.


Low in fat and low in cholesterol
The poultry consumes natural feed, which is further fermented, which in turn encourages the chicken’s metabolic process to not only be smoother, but also for its growth to be optimal. As each Happy Chicken consumes fermented natural feeds, it is also able to reduce its meat cholesterol levels – by almost 50%!


All meat is thoroughly washed three times to remove impurities before being stored in air-tight packaging, using a high-tech machine. Once sealed, the poultry is further frozen for freshness, which also prevents growth of unwanted bacteria. Tests by the Ministry of Agriculture are made to ensure each chicken is free of borax, e-coli bacteria, formalin and other harmful bacteria or hazardous substances.

We follow the correct butchering process stipulated in Islamic law, and have therefore been recognized as halal by the Indonesian Ulama Council (MUI).

Bodhi’s Farm
Jl. Pantai Purnama Gg Bodhi Leaf no.17 Gianyar, Bali
WA +62 899-9942-020

IG: @bodhisfarm
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