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Dallas Kalmar’s AstroYak: Dec-Feb 2019-2020

Astrologer Dallas Kalmar hits the charts to provide some cosmic intel for December, January and February 2019-2020.


Groovy potential. December sees to it that you end the year (and swagger into 2020) on a professional high note. The Dec. 27 solar eclipse powers up your career house, newly galvanized by the Sun, Jupiter, Mercury – AND ‘taskmaster’ Saturn – the influence of which may have felt like a ceaseless wet blanket every time you tried to advance over the past two years. No more! You now have cosmic carte blanche to take those dazzling ideas to new heights. Earmark Jan. 10 for closure on some deep-seated contention with a (likely female) family member. This could also play out as giving birth (literally or creatively).


Waiting for the right time. A game-changing eclipse in your house of legal issues and cross-cultural connections positions you for a mountain of support behind your avant garde proposals. Travel may figure prominently, or you might just be inspired by new experiences – either way, make sure you take in some fresh inspiration. Around Jan.10, speak your truth! Taurus rules the throat, and with your expressive third house so synergistically charged and Mercury in your career sector, that week could offer up some once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to don the director’s chair in the coming months!


Into the deep we go. A tide turning, drop-the-mic moment in an important relationship could ensue within a month of Dec. 26, when the solar eclipse shakes things up in your house of intimacy, secrets and shared finances. This could play out as power dynamics, trust issues, or simply a new career opportunity until the end of March. Whatever happens, try to come from a place of love rather than fear. On Feb. 23, the new moon in your career house sets the stage for success. With Mercury doing a backspin in your technology house, though, you could lose some relevant (expensive!) data if you’re not hyper-vigilant about backups.


If my heart was a turntable. The full moon on Dec. 12 holds the space for you to forgive and set your soul free, and Dec. 26 rolls out the cosmic flokati rug for you and your plus-one/potential. While structure-bound Saturn and transformative Pluto have been running interference in your partnership house since 2017 (i.e. ‘the one’ you now realize was merely a karmic canoodle, or perhaps fumbled between renewal and withdrawal in a long-term relationship), you now have lucky, expansive Jupiter bolstering this sphere all year to help manifest only the best starting Jan. 3. Watch within a month of Jan. 10 for sweet (albeit emotional) resolution to longstanding personal issues.


Throw your arms around the world. What’re your rituals, Leo – and which ones should you release altogether? You get a wave of fresh, can-do energy around Dec.26, when a potent Capricorn solar eclipse in your house of routines, health and service sounds the call for a system overhaul. Make that overdue dental appointment, sure (Capricorn rules the teeth and bones), but visualize how you want to feel and even heal over the next six months, and action a plan to get there. A cosmically catalytic day for the Leo Archives arrives on Jan.12 – this is a day to practice radical acts of kindness and pad your karmic bank account, even if you’re still feeling a bit raw from all that emoting recently.


Bring me a higher love. Dec. 12 serves up some closure in your career alongside rewards and accolades in spades – just in time for your creative renaissance in 2020! For an entire year and the first time in over 10, romance, inspiration and your deepest passions take center stage (behind YOU, of course!) when lucky Jupiter arrives to concretize your fifth-house endowment. The solar eclipse on Dec. 26 here insists it’s time to shed some outdated conditional underpinnings first, though (i.e., beliefs like: “I’m not an artist if it doesn’t pay my bills”) that veil your truest nature and, ergo, your most lovable self. Surrender to ‘living out loud,’ and you’ll find yourself aligned with the bounty of opportunities that surround you.


Underneath this smile lies everything. Happiness is an ‘inside job’ … but where? With so many blurred lines between home and career this year (and last), knowing which to give precedence and when to wave the white flag on either front could prove challenging. You’ll get your first discernable nudge from the cosmos on Dec. 26, when a game-changing eclipse in your house of home and family may prompt you to move house or make some substantial decisions – or swiftly adapt to changes beyond your control. Within a month of Jan. 10, you could be celebrating a career coup or temporary setback that leads to the former.


Volare…nel blu di pinto di blu. Single or attached, Venus’ sultry visit to your romance realm heats things up and could find you feeling utterly swept away by Jan. 28 – for better or worse! When Mercury does an about-face on Feb. 16, take heed: while retrogrades hardly ever lend themselves to convenience, they do offer the space to revise, reunite, reconsider – and when it comes to love, you’ll see soon enough that this is exactly what the doctor ordered. While it might not be all sweetness and light, the end result will be a more authentic connection with the object of your affection.


Got a handful of stacks / better grab an umbrella. When it comes to playing fiscal favorites, you’re undoubtedly the ocular apple of the cosmos in 2020. Beginning Dec. 3, Jupiter raises the roof on your financial sector for an entire year, and the solar eclipse there on Dec. 26 can set things in motion. However, you’ll need to take the reins to make it rain – which shouldn’t be a problem from Jan. 3, when energizing Mars ramps up your ambition and charisma quotient. That said, the ‘Warrior planet’ could also shorten your fuse, so try to lay low around Jan. 10 should the eclipse unearth something less appealing than a windfall.


Holding on for life / holding on for love. You can start breathing a sigh of relief from Dec. 3, as expansive Jupiter moves out of your house of transition, surrender and closure and into Capricorn. Here, he sprinkles your next year with cosmic fairy dust, giving wings to any previously stagnant area of importance to you. Dec.26 acts as your cosmic birthday cake; make a wish (or several!) and blow out every last candle! You’ll start to see the first sparks of fulfillment as soon as Jan. 10, when the lunar eclipse in your partnership house brushes the proverbial crumbs away to make space for new (or renewed) love and adventures.


Can we work it out? Resentment BEGONE! Your house of healing and closure acts as a revolving door for ample cosmic and cathartic support, beginning early as Dec. 2. Bolstered by expansive Jupiter and shadowy Pluto, the solar eclipse here on the 26th is joined by Mercury shortly thereafter, helping to discard some deep-rooted dross from your psyche – if you have the courage to talk about it. With these psychic speed bumps in your rearview, you’ll best utilize the clean-slate energy of your personal new moon on Jan. 24. Birthday season could see you emerge as a sage in your chosen field within a month of Feb. 9.


We gotta run that race. Fasten your seatbelt! The solar eclipse on Dec. 26 shakes up group affiliations, paving the way for you to step into the driver’s seat, probably at work. From Jan 3 through most of February, your career is on fire as the planet of desire revs up your professional sector, insisting you bring your A-game. Venus’ timely influence from Jan. 13 helps you to look and feel your best while you find a rhythm (and stores of confidence!) amongst the changes. On Feb. 9, the full moon delivers a useful shift in the workplace, and the Pisces new moon on Feb. 23 ushers in fresh birthday-energy for … just about anything you want to manifest!

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