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First Responder Training Classes

Demand for first responder training is exploding and for good reason: Basic and Advanced Life Support training offers hope for hundreds of potential victims.

Many wonder how to implement these life-saving measures into their personal and/or professional lives. Now  they can get help and training, directly from the experts at Bali First Responder. During regular training workshops, now being offered, qualified instructors will dispense International Standards (AHA Guidelines) training, necessary to become a qualified First Responder.

Training workshops will be conducted in English and in Indonesian language, through Bali First Responder (www.balifirstresponder.com), at their training centre in Kuta, or at your location, upon request.

Bali First Responder workshops will provide, International Standards (AHA guidelines), step-by-step training on how to properly respond to a variety of emergencies, ranging from simple cuts, all the way to cardiac arrest. Trainings are certified by the American Emergency Physician’s Association. Participants will receive, both classroom and hands-on training, in order to gain the confidence necessary to properly respond to an emergency. Upon completion, they will be awarded a Certificate. Bali First Responder will also teach protocols, procedures and strategies necessary to build a proper emergency response team.

To register for a workshop, visit www.balifirstresponder.com/workshops and send us an e-mail (info@balifirstresponder.com) or contact us by phone (+62-87878-737283).

About Bali First Responder.

Bali First Responder provides turnkey training programs that allow first responders to acquire the skills and confidence necessary to properly respond to an emergency situation. The company also offers consulting and assessment services, aimed at improving and streamlining companies’ emergency response procedures. Learn more at www.balifirstresponder.com.