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Getting LOST has never been so easy…New guest collective, with its own surf spot, opens on the west coast of Bali.

Lost Lindenberg

Credit: Prawobo, Rehberger Wall

The drive along Bali’s coast, amongst honking moped drivers, past roadside Warungs (street food stands), palm forests and crashing waves, is captivating. On arrival in Pekutatan, a quiet village road lined with temples and frangipani trees leads to a clearing and, as if out of nowhere, a huge, brightly illuminated wall of neon signs appears, advertising holiday pleasures in giant letters. It would look more at home in Las Vegas than it does in Bali. There’s a small, secret door built into it, so plain that it’s easy to miss. Open it, and enter a lush green jungle, a narrow path weaves between tropical plants before reaching a landscape of tree-houses. We are at LOST LINDENBERG, a new guest collective far removed from Bali’s garish mass tourism:

Lost Lindenberg

Credit: Robert Rieger

Surfing waves at sunrise against a backdrop of pristine black lava sand; enjoying peace and quiet in the open-plan communal spaces; practising yoga under the pergola; enjoying bonfires on the beach, self-harvested coconuts in the turquoise pool or an aroma massage in the jungle spa; in the evenings, sumptuous plant-based dinners at the restaurant and the sharing of stories.

Lost Lindenberg

Credit: Robert Rieger, Architecture detail

Since the 15th of July 2022, all of this has been possible at Bali’s LOST LINDENBERG, the fifth project, and the first in Indonesia, from the young Frankfurt hospitality company, LINDENBERG. Just as with their previous concepts, LOST LINDENBERG focuses on the collective experience of the guests, who are invited to spend their time together in the property’s communal areas. Retreat is offered in each of the eight lovingly-designed rooms, which are elevated high amongst the treetops of the West Balinese palm jungle, set on a long and pristine, glistening black lava sand beach.

Lost Lindenberg

Credit: Robert Rieger, LOST Beach

“The inspiration for this concept was the magic, this sweet, warm melancholy of the loca- tion, the black lava sand and the fantastic waves. Not just another rattan-clad honeymoon hotel, but instead, the courage to settle by a wild sea, to embrace surfing while at the same time satisfying the need for urbanity. LOST was born out of a chance visit and has become a place of longing, a new home for us and anyone else who fancies coming along.” (Denise Omurca, Managing Director, LINDENBERG).


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