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Giannilucha Permana

Giannilucha Permana

Originally this QnA was planned for all those fabulous Marcomm people that kept Bali’s hospitality brands ticking across all mediums… However, since C19 came along a few of these talented professionals have had to find other employment…

The Yak tracks them down and asks “Where are you now?” 

Name, age (if you want to tell us) and where were you born?
Hello, my name is Giannilucha Permana (you can call me Gianni – without the Versace!) and luckily I was born on this exotic island that we love so much, Bali.

When did you come to Bali?
Basically since I was born. LOL! Balinese here.

Do you have family here? (We include your furry friends into this question)
Of course. I live with my family and I also have 3 fur babies (2 rescued female Bali dogs and 1 male toy poodle)

What brands have you worked for over the years?
I am fortunate enough to be (and still) working for Samsara Ubud, a tranquil holiday destination set in a spellbinding tropical jungle. But in the past, I’ve worked for Karma Kandara, Villa Kubu – Seminyak, LataLiana Villas – Semiyak, Vouk Hotel Nusa Dua.

Nineteenth of March 2020. When you first heard of the Bali “stay at home” / #dirumahaja regulation what went through your head?
First thing that came to mind was that it will only be a temporary thing and I thought it would be finished by April 2020. That I could’ve used this time for taking a long nap or going to places that I’ve been wanting to go to. But it turns out this pandemic is still with us until today 🙁

What was your company’s reaction to this regulation?
Have faith and believe that this storm too shall pass and this is the right time for us to build resilience. And support each other.

How long have you been working  for the company?
To be honest, during my entire career, I feel like the company that hires me still today, is so warm and welcoming and personally it feels like a second family to me. It all started back in April 2017 so it means that I’ve been working with this company (Samsara Ubud) for about 4 years and 4 months. and still going strong! Hopefully for many moons to come!

What backup measures did you start putting in place when the writing was on the wall? (Covid 19 regulations were extended).
In general, I always told people to wash their hands regularly with soap and water or clean them with alcohol-based hand rub/sanitizers so that we could live back to ‘normal’ life again and not to forget always maintaining at least 1 metre social distance. On the flip side, I expanded my network and tried to learn new things and figure out hidden talents/skills that are not related to my current job, and of course making future plans once the pandemic restrictions are lifted.

What was your mental state and how did you move forward into a more positive attitude?
Maintaining mental health to obtain clarity is very important, and I was thinking what can we do with the “extra” time that we have? Solitude can be a good thing. Focus on self-improvement and character-building over this period. And always remember that gratitude remains our best attitude. In addition, stay physically active and make yourself productive!

Finally, what are you doing now?
Besides coming back to work at the office now (thank God!)?

I feel like I should’ve changed my name to “Son of the Sunrise” as I’ve been coming, and keep coming, to one of my favorite beaches around 5-6am (ish), like almost every day just to catch up with the sunrise and enjoy the view while walking my fur baby. Other than that, I truly enjoy relaxing at home although sometimes I will treat myself, and go to some nice places and fulfill my belly’s request!

Definitely let us know if we can support you and we very much hope to catch up all together at some point soon. Until then, we salute your perseverance and strength!

And readers do please go and support these fabulous people in their positions and companies!