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Good For Bali

This pioneering organisation has your eco back.

The Good for Group and its Bali-based organization, Good for Bali, is a local-to-global innovation to celebrate and connect businesses who are good for their communities and the planet, to each other, and to the customers they seek. Its networks support a new economic model where success is people, planet and profit. Businesses and consumers deeply yearn for better, more ecological and socially just solutions; Good for Bali helps them find it.

Good for Bali is an environmental directory for eco-products, services and businesses, but also lists charity organisations among its members to enable support for specific charities from the communities within which they operate. Good for Bali also organises Eco & Artisan Markets, Eco-Workshops with educative lectures and seminars, Eco-Press Conferences, charity drives and initiatives, environmental consulting and more.

Good for Bali’s four pillars are upheld in its missives of; Sustainable Regeneration, Education, Give-Back and Community.

Some of Good for Bali’s members include; Yayasan Sweet Potato Project, Urban Composters, In the Raw Farms, Plastic Exchange, Social Impakt, Yayasan Kaki Kita, Ragam Foundation, Scholars of Sustenance, R.O.L.E. Foundation, Bali WISE, Bali Design Center, Home BioGas, Tree-Free TISOO, Pulpable, Heavenly Cleaners, Eco-Coasters by Indosole, Indosole, Easy Tees, Tamora Gallery, Eleven 44, Tao Muse, Zero Waste Bali, Kore Culture Lab, Bali Rain, In the Raw Kitchen Organics, Pro Motion Events, Rainforest Pavilion, Club Conscious, and The Yak Magazine, with collaborations and event support by EcoCrete, Ecollabo8, AVANI Eco-Products, Sungai Watch.


Our Statutes:
• Basic recycling practice through implemented systems.
• Utilising environmentally friendly products in business operations.
• Minimisation of single-use plastic on the premises.
• Waste (food, electricity, water) efficiency.
• A focus on contributing to the community.

Good for Bali’s team has a combined network of over 20 years experience on Bali, through associations with establishments Pro Motion Events, Rainforest Pavilion, Bali Hospitality Movement, Club Conscious, The Yak Magazine and others.

Tel: +62 81237907782
IG: @goodforbali