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From a Master Class to a Masterful Lunch. Visit The John Hardy Workshop, Bali’s Most Famous Workshop Tour Accompanied by their Iconic Long Table Lunch in Mambal – Ubud.

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Steeped in timeless tradition, The John Hardy Workshop stands as a testament to the unwavering passion of its founder, John Hardy, who arrived on the shores of Bali in the 1970s. Here he discovered a lineage of artisans whose extraordinary craft had been meticulously passed down through the ages. It was within their exquisite artistry, combined with Hardy’s fervor for design, sustainability, and local craftsmanship, that an inspiring tapestry of Balinese culture, traditional land use, and indigenous artisanship was meticulously woven. Today, it stands as an illustrious beacon of sustainability and a sanctuary for the preservation of Balinese heritage.

The Workshop Tour highlights the meticulous process behind each handcrafted masterpiece, guests will be witnessing the fusion of innovation and artistry as artisans knowledgeably shape and mould each intricate detail to create exquisite craftsmanship.

john hardy

The Master Class Series introduces an immersive journey that meticulously captivates this artistic process. In this Master Class, guests will work alongside these artisans, and will be able to create their own extraordinary and bespoke jewelry. Designs materialize from imagination onto paper, and are then meticulously carved into wax. By partaking in this extraordinary experience, guests gain an intimate understanding of the immense dedication and artistry woven into each and every piece crafted at John Hardy.

john hardy

Following the Workshop Tour and Master Class, guests can actually join the artisans, department heads, and lead designers in a celebration of Balinese culinary heritage at the renowned Long Table Lunch. Shared as a family-style meal, guests enjoy the authentic flavours of traditional Balinese cuisine. This cherished tradition, extending from the brand’s humble beginnings, serves as a testament to the enduring bond between John Hardy and its cherished family of artisans.

Master Class starts from IDR 4,000,000 nett per person, with IDR 2,000,000 exclusive gift card that can be spent at the boutique on the day of class.
Available weekdays, 10am – 2pm.

Two days reservation in advance is required.

IG: @johnhardybali
FB: John Hardy Bali